Abhishek Bhandari aims to revolutionize the use of cryptocurrencies in the Indian Market

Chennai, Tamil nadu [India] : A cryptocurrency is a digital asset. It is a medium of exchange wherein coin ownership records of people are recorded in a decentralized ledger. Abhishek Bhandari known as THEBITCOPRENEUR & cryptocurrency enthusiast. He hails from the capital city of India, New Delhi. His aim is to build a robust team of bitcoin enthusiasts just like him.

Bhandari aims to develop high-quality solutions so that his fellow countrymen can benefit from this novel technology. According to him, many millionaires and billionaires will bloom in the coming few years if India uses this technology in a positive manner.

Abhishek Bhandari is also the founder of CRYPTOVEDAS which is Cryptocurrency education platform & a dedicated group of cryptocurrency experts, business professionals, entrepreneurs, programing developers and network marketers. These experts work in unison to provide a non-complex business model in this complex industry. The main focus of these experts is to assist people to protect, educate, provide service, and gain profits from this technology. Also, he wishes to create new global platforms for people to receive and earn Cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptocurrency :

Abhishek Bhandari believes that cryptocurrency has a great potential and its importance will boost in the coming years. His venture, CRYPTOVEDAS supports small businesses that assist people in learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain. He wants people to know more about this technology and actively associate with it.

He thinks that if this technology is utilised properly, it can help in improving the economic conditions of the country. It will also help to reduce poverty, inequality, unemployment and wars. These are the evils that stop an economy from growing, and to tackle them would be the most significant achievements of all the times.

  • Bitcoin:

Abhishek Bhandari believes that bitcoin can bring positive and notable changes in the lives of people. He came across this new digital currency when his friends from affiliate programs mentioned about the recent changes happening in digital money. This attracted him, and he started digging more about Bitcoin since then. He noticed how countries such as Canada, USA, developed Asian countries and Europe were moving so fast because of these emerging changes in digital money.


As far as India is concerned, Bitcoin is something very new to the Indian market as well as to people. People are finding it difficult to adapt to the recent digital changes happening in the banking system. The only way to increase the adaptation of bitcoin in India is by creating more and more awareness about it and also by bringing more platforms that use bitcoins.

  • Future of cryptocurrency

With the rising craze of digitalisation in India, Mr Abhishek believes that there is a silver lining for cryptocurrency in the country. Since banks are shifting from traditional ways of working to digital methods, and the government of India is also seen focusing more on digital India, there is an emerging future of cryptocurrency in India.

Mr Abhishek believes that India is moving in a positive direction in terms of cryptocurrency and he aims to provide every possible help to lead India in that direction. He meets around 25 to  30 people daily who want to know about cryptocurrency and teach them about the basics. He is also taking part actively in the numerous events and meetups that are taking place in the country to help spread the knowledge of cryptocurrency to the masses. This will drive prosperity and lead to the growth of various digital currencies in India. As an efficient cross border payment method, cryptocurrency will surely help to revolutionize the Indian market.

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