JKCement Unveils Its New Corporate Song, HumBanayeinKal

A Musical Celebration of its Solid Legacy of Trust

JK Cement’s Market Cap increased by 3 times in the last fiscal to reach USD 3 billion

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 19: JK Cement Ltd., one of India’s premier cement companies, has been an integral part of the country’s growth story, delivering unsurpassed value and earning the trust of millions of consumers on the strength of its product excellence, customer orientation and technology leadership. Capturing the essence of its journey of over four decades of partnering nation-building, JKCement released its new Corporate Song – Hum Banayein Kal, a musical celebration of the brand’s indomitable spirit, strength and unity.

JKCement – Hum BanayeinKal (Corporate Song) link –


The brand new corporate song, sung by music maestro, Padma Shri Shankar Mahadevan, represents the ethos of JKCement, which is a tribute to its Founder, Managing Director, Late Shri Yadupati Singhania Ji and his dream to build a strong and prosperous nation for the future generations. Released on his birth anniversary, 29th September 2021, Hum BanayeinKal commemorates his inspired vision and legacy. The song exudes the JKCement spirit of rising above challenges unitedly to fulfil the promise of building a stronger tomorrow, reaffirming its vision of an organization that not only continues to grow but gives back selflessly to society. A befitting example of this spirit was witnessed during the pandemic when the brand’s Market Capitalization increased by three times in the last fiscal to reach USD 3 billion.

Speaking about the thought behind the new corporate song, Dr. Raghavpat Singhania, Managing Director, JK Cement Ltd., says, “Our new corporate song, Hum BanayeinKal, is an extension of our recently introduced new corporate identity that represents our Organisation’s vision for the future yet strongly reflecting our core values of strength, sustainability and a solid foundation of trust. It is also a tribute to our mentor and guide, Late Shri Yadupati Singhania Ji, whose vision has propelled JKCement towards continuous growth. At JKCement, we have been a forerunner in transforming the way people perceive the cement industry. Even during the pandemic, we powered through difficult conditions and managed to deliver a good performance in productivity and safety at all of our units. All this has been possible because of our steadfastness and staying true to our core values. The new corporate song exudes this spirit of JKCement.”

Mr. Madhavkrishna Singhania, Dy. MD and CEO, JK Cement Ltd., adds, “Our determination to fulfil the vision and mission laid by our mentor Shri Yadupati Singhania Ji, has paved our path, leading us to new milestones in our relentless pursuit of excellence. The corporate song is a tribute to the strength and unity that encompasses the spirit of JKCement. ‘HumBanayeinKal’ truly reflects our corporate values and our ongoing mission of transformation towards driving responsible growth.”

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