AnalytixLabs Employment Guarantee Program to Fill Data Talent Supply Gap

November 25: A recent survey of 100 hiring managers conducted by an ed-tech company revealed startling facts about the demand-supply gap in Data Science positions. The managers were almost unanimous that a wide gap existed. While 57% felt that this was at the entry-level, around 27% opined that the gap persisted even at mid-level positions. The biggest gaps were in the areas of Natural Language Processing followed by Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Computer Vision, Analytics and Machine Learning. There are so many companies offering high paying jobs in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science but not enough supply of qualified professionals to fill them.

So how will this gap be addressed? What can be done to increase the supply of skilled professionals to address this talent deficit?

Startups like AnalytixLabs have been observing this gap over the last decade and aiming to bridge it by creating tailored courses in Data Science and analytics that can transform students into skilled professionals. Combined with a placement guarantee program, AnalytixLabs takes its courses to a logical conclusion by ensuring that the students get placed in reputed companies worldwide.

The employment guarantee program offered byAnalytixLabshelps stand apart from its peers as students get job opportunities with industry leaders like American Express, Accenture, AbsolutData, Axtria, McKinsey, Bank of America, etc. This gives students the confidence to invest in these exclusively designed courses that make them ready for real-world challenges.

AnalytixLabs combines the latest curriculum, carefully structured project work and doubts clearance sessions to ensure students grasp the skills correctly and transform into industry-ready professionals. A study course that is not backed by placement opportunities is a poor return on investment as students are left in the lurch fending for job opportunities after completion.AnalytixLabs, being set up by seasoned professionals, understands the concerns of students and has a complete industry placement structure in place to guide and handhold students towards rewarding industry placements.

AnalytixLabs has been the pioneer in Data Science courses since 2011 and has made a name for itself for the high quality of the training courses offered. They are designed and delivered by top-notch professionals with excellent academic and industry credentials. The faculty members have an accumulated experience of over 50 years in global analytics spread over various domains like Telecom, Hi-Tech, Retail, Banking, Risk and Finance and work experience with leaders like McKinsey & Co, KPMG, Deloitte, Fidelity, Facebook and Genpact.

The courses are designed to keep pace with the dynamically changing technology and business landscape and help students stay ahead of the curve. Case study based modules are designed to provide experiential learning to participants.

Personal attention is provided by maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio. Real-life business examples and hands-on sessions are used to ensure assimilated training. AnalytixLabs lays great emphasis on job-relevant skills so that students find it easy to clear interviews. The experienced faculty provides guidance on writing job applications, creating CVs, attending job interviews and conducting mock interviews.

Students can enrol for classroom sessions in Bangalore, Gurgaon or Noida or join the online sessions from anywhere.  Students are given access to the learning system for 12 months to be aware of the upgrades. Some of the most popular courses offered by AnalytixLabs include Business Analytics 360, Advance Big Data Science. Data Science using Python and Deep Learning with Python. The dual certification that AnalytixLabs offers in collaboration with IBM gives a tremendous boost to the global credibility of the courses

As SumeetBansal, CEO and Cofounder, AnalytixLabs, puts it, “ We have our pulse firmly on what skill sets are in high demand in today’s disruptive business landscape and we endeavour to create trained professionals who are ready and equipped to take on these challenges. Our USP over the last decade has been to craft specialised courses that meet industry needs and fill the demand-supply gap by creating career-ready professionals. Our success tells us that we are heading in the right direction.”

AnalytixLabs provides an end-to-end value-driven experience for its students by combining the most relevant in-demand Data Science courses with a structured job guarantee program. The student-centric approach focuses on building industry-relevant job skills and follows it up with job placements, mentoring and constant raising of the bar to beat industry standards. This makes AnalytixLabs the leader as far as the supply of industry-ready Data Science professionals goes. The supply-demand gap may never be bridged completely but there are solid efforts being made in the right direction.

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