Sanrai Med India bullish on bringing ‘Hospital Grade Care at Home’ through innovative medical equipments

Chandigarh (India), April 7: Sanrai Med India, a leading provider of innovative, reliable, and FDA approved medical equipment and devices for patients in India, is all set to provide ‘Hospital Grade Care at Home’ to Indian patients through its ‘Sanrai Solutions’ offering.

As part of its mission to achieve healthcare equity in India, Sanrai Med India is launching a complete range of home care services for patients, caregivers and physicians across India. For the first time, these will include diagnostic services performed at home. The Sanrai Solutions include early screening, accurate diagnosis, medical device-based solutions, outcome management, and chronic care management for respiratory and sleep disorders. The new launch in diagnostics includes artificial intelligence based acute respiratory diagnostic tools and rapid infectious disease tests. By diagnosing patients at home, Sanrai will be able to bypass limited hospital infrastructure and rapidly begin treatment. COPD is the second leading cause of death in India. If we can diagnose earlier, we can start treatment earlier, all at home, truly bringing Hospital Grade Care at Home.

Focusing on making healthcare accessible to all, Sanrai Med India has introduced this new point of care diagnostic tool to treat chronic yet manageable ailments like COPD, Bronchitis, Asthma, and Sleep Apnea cost effectively at home. Sanrai will even be able to diagnose and treat acute respiratory diseases like pneumonia, malaria, and covid at home with its empanelled doctors. Making disease management a hassle-free process, the company aims to manage the whole lifecycle of healthcare at home by providing end-to-end assistance starting from screening and diagnosing to 24×7 support and treatment for patients.

Commenting on the initiative, Amarpreet RaiCo-Founder and Director of Operations and DevelopmentSanrai, said, “Through Sanrai Solutions, we seek to support thousands of patients who lack access to hospital-level care by bringing the hospital to them. Point of care solutions, rather than relying on the traditional healthcare infrastructure, typically quite limited in emerging markets such as India, will be revolutionary in improving access to high-quality healthcare for all. At Sanrai, we believe in finding innovative solutions that raise the level of care for everyone, not just those who can afford it.”

With the introduction of this range of medical devices, Sanrai continues to focus on healthcare equity, improving healthcare for all by bringing a disruptive diagnostics solution to small clinics and hard-to-reach patients and hospitals and all patients in the comfort of their homes. Sanrai Med India aims to reduce healthcare disparities in India by offering tailor-made healthcare solutions that deliver focused, precise interventions.

Sanrai Med India is a leading provider of innovative, reliable, and FDA approved medical equipment and devices for patients in India. The company is a pioneer in providing hospital-grade home care devices, educating clinicians, and giving families the support they need to live with long-term and chronic illnesses. Expanding its footprint, Sanrai Med India branched out to form Sanrai International in 2015 with a mission to improve the quality of life and healthcare in more than 50 emerging market countries.

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