Online Live language teaching company “Skill Live” is Up-skilling Professionals and Corporates in Foreign Languages and Cultural Sensitivity to Grow Beyond Geographies!

April 21: With a growth of inbound & outbound Foreign Direct Investments in India, the corporates and MSMEs are looking forward for expansion beyond geographies. While it looks as a very lucrative opportunity for business owners, the language and cultural barriers sometimes becomes a hurdle when it comes to people-to-people collaboration while dealing with foreign companies, leading to ineffective communication.

Culture and language are sometimes regarded as interwoven, and their relationship is intricate. Language encompasses more than simply words, grammatical rules, and sentence structure; it encompasses cultural standards, social institutions, and cognitive processes. Effective language learning requires an understanding of these culturally unique settings, and the linguistic principles of that culture which are crucial to expand a business internationally. “Skill Live” is dedicated to teaching the most spoken languages of the world in an effective, innovative, and digital manner.

It can play a very important role to empower companies and individuals in foreign languages and cultural sensitivity to deal with world’s largest economies and grow globally by working towards empowering corporate professionals and executives to fill the gap of language barriers to get the maximum benefit by providing a functional approach to language learning.

Skill Live was founded in 2008 by Usha Sahoo, a passionate linguist, as Yeh China Education, focusing on physical education and the Mandarin Chinese language. The company has decided to adapt their knowledge to additional languages and shift to a digital format to ensure the study of languages from the comfort of homes after more than a decade of teaching languages. They strive to provide the greatest education possible to learn and apply language skills successfully. This is made feasible by their comprehensive approach to all parts of the learning process; customised content, credibility and best educators.

Skill Live can resolve issues by:

Helping companies develop language & communication skills by adding cultural awareness and foreign languages to their personnel.

Helping companies take advantage of FDI.

Effective people-to-people engagement with international partners.

The process of learning a language is evolving as well. As a result, they create their material to provide you with practical information needed to excel in foreign languages. They produce reading, writing, and practice materials to guarantee that you have everything in one spot. All of Skill Live’s instructors go through a rigorous interview process and hold the highest degree of teaching certification. They are well-versed in digital approaches for making language learning immersive, and they consistently encourage and educate the instructors to increase their language proficiency. To provide you with the finest information, Skill Live is always experimenting with its digital platform. The customised learning management system includes a diverse range of information to ensure effective language learning. Furthermore, they check all online programs regularly to guarantee that the best quality education is offered.

Skill Live is currently teaching 6 widely spoken languages of the world to help companies grow economy-wise in sectors dealing with French, German, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. The Take-Off course in the above mentioned languages is formulated based on the guideline of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), supporting the requirements of corporate professionals.

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Learn why Skill Live is the greatest method to learn a language with a free trial from one of their top trainers. They will go through the class format, duration, course levels, language introduction, and any other questions you may have.

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