Xpert Cure to build India’s largest Cloud Hospital Platform

New Delhi (India), April 25: Have you ever been in a situation where you go to the doctor and the first advice they give you is for immediate surgery? You begin to wonder if it is the right advice or not? But how do we decide if the advice is right? Well, that’s where Xpert Cure comes to our rescue. They took this problem into their own hands and created a channel through which patients can get the best advice from senior-level doctors and get credible advice on the right treatment plan. Xpert Cure aims to build India’s largest cloud hospital platform and re-invent the healthcare process with experienced doctors and healthcare professionals.

Xpert Cure, a Gurgaon-based Start-up, is answering the difficult question, “How can we make the healthcare experience hassle-free?”. They aim to change the entire experience of a patient seeking treatment. With the aid of a group of experienced surgeons, they are paving the way to make sure patient receives credible advice and complete end-to-end assistance through the treatment process. Xpert cure has a substantial database of experienced doctors who can advise the best treatment plan for major health conditions in India.

They promote their belief to “Get cured by Xperts”.

When it comes to healthcare, patience and trust go hand in hand. The surgeons onboard this platform, patiently dedicate a lot of time to understanding, explaining, and guiding you through the diagnosis and treatment phase. The team itself is available at every step to make the process as smooth as possible, for both the doctors and patients.

We all agree that hospital visits are very stressful. Xpert cure has a team of dedicated members who will be present with the patient at the hospital. They will manage admission and discharge procedures, insurance paperwork, free pick-up, and drop, as well as follow-ups to ensure they have a speedy recovery, at no additional cost. This sets Xpert Cure apart from other companies.

After the pandemic, there has been a dynamic shift in how consultations work. Keeping in mind the safety of patients, this start-up also provides online consultations. With automated consultation scheduling, the team has further reduced the hassle for patients to find doctors and wait long hours in OPDs. They provide patients with the best-in-class consultation and at the same time provide doctors with legitimate growth opportunities.

Bringing on a shift in the procedures of treatment, Xpert cure also has tie-ups with hospitals that have state-of-the-art pieces of equipment. The experienced Xpert surgeons perform advanced surgeries like total mesorectal excision (TME), in an almost painless, minimal bleeding approach. This minimally invasive procedure assists in a speedy recovery.

In addition to this, they assist in scheduling:

  • Online/Offline Consultation
  • Same Day OPD
  • Connecting Remote areas to City for the Healthcare Services

Their goal is to take the pain out of medical treatments. Vaibhav Arora and Vivek Gawri, the co-founders, with 20+ years of experience in corporate, started Xpert cure with the vision to improve the treatment experience. Xpert Cure has made the healthcare experience better for 50,000+ patients across 26+ cities in India. The team has successfully delivered non-recurring patients, undergoing major surgeries with 100% satisfaction. They also provide after-surgery counseling and assurance that the Xpert Cure team is available for them if they need any further assistance.

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