“Unnati”: Mr. Kapil Sharma’s Empowering Revolution – Join Us as Barber and Transform into Unisex Hairstylist

New Delhi (India), October 13: Mr. Kapil Sharma, the visionary founder of Kapil’s Salon & Academy, has unveiled his groundbreaking initiative, “Unnati,” a revolutionary call to transform barbers into unisex hairstylists. This transformative endeavor is set to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to excel in a diverse, all-inclusive salon industry.

“Unnati,” which translates to ‘progress’ and ’empowerment’ in Hindi, encapsulates the essence of Mr. Kapil Sharma’s vision. This initiative not only adapts barbers to the changing landscape of hairstyling but also opens new horizons in gender-inclusive beauty practices.

Key Highlights of “Unnati”:

Comprehensive Training: Participants will undergo a comprehensive training program at Kapil’s Salon & Academy, equipping them with the latest techniques and trends in hairdressing, suitable for all genders and hair types.

Inclusivity and Diversity: The initiative promotes inclusivity and celebrates diversity in hairstyling. It encourages participants to embrace the creativity and adaptability required to serve clients of all backgrounds.

Soft Skills Mastery: In addition to technical skills, “Unnati” places a strong emphasis on soft skills training. Participants learn essential interpersonal skills such as communication, client management, and emotional intelligence.

Harnessing social media: The program includes a specialized module on harnessing the power of social media for personal and professional branding. Participants learn to create and curate content, engage with audiences, and build a strong online presence.

Hands-On Learning: Mr. Kapil Sharma believes in learning by doing. Students will have hands-on experience, working with real clients and perfecting their skills in a supportive environment.

Mentorship: Under Mr. Kapil Sharma’s visionary guidance, students will receive mentorship from experienced hair trainers, helping them gain insights into the nuances of unisex hairstyling.

Business Acumen: Beyond the technical skills, the program also covers the business aspect of hairstyling, empowering students with the knowledge to succeed as independent stylists or salon owners.

Affordable Fees Its is an affordable paid program, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder one’s pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Job Placement in Kapil’s Salon & Academy: Graduates of the progrramme are offered a unique opportunity – the chance to work within the renowned Kapil’s Salon & Academy. Mr. Kapil Sharma believes in nurturing and empowering his own, ensuring that the academy’s graduates have a platform to apply their skills immediately.

Mr. Kapil Sharma’s commitment to empowering individuals through education and innovation is at the heart of this initiative. He envisions a future where talented individuals from diverse backgrounds can thrive as unisex hairstylists, catering to the evolving needs of the beauty and grooming industry.

In Mr. Kapil Sharma’s words, “We are witnessing a transformative era in beauty and fashion, and it’s imperative that our professionals evolve with it. Our initiative ‘Join Us as a Barber and Transform into a Unisex Hairstylist’ is a step toward creating skilled, versatile hairstylists who can make anyone look and feel their best.”

Join Mr. Kapil Sharma in this revolutionary journey to transform traditional barbers into unisex hairstylists, breaking gender barriers and promoting creativity in hairdressing. Aspiring individuals and those looking to transition their careers are invited to embark on this empowering path, fostering inclusivity and innovation in the beauty and grooming industry. Candidates will get selected for this program through interview process

For more information about “Join Us as a Barber and Transform into a Unisex Hairstylist” by Mr. Kapil Sharma and Kapil’s Salon & Academy, please visit www.kapilssalon.com hr@kapilssalon.com  +91 90047 71775, +91 80805 09995

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