Film Federation of India (FFI) introduces ‘Search for Stars’ – an online platform for budding actors

Mumbai : Search for Stars®, an initiative of the Film Federation of India, is a unique online platform for young aspiring actors from across the world. The actors, male, female or others; students, amateurs or budding professionals, must be either 18 to 35 years old (Group-A), or 35 to 55 years old (Group-B) as on 7th September, 2020.

Film Federation of India is the pan-India body of associations representing the entire value chain of the business of Indian Cinema from creation to exhibition: film producers, distributors, exhibitors, studios and others.

Internationally, Film Federation of India has been entrusted by the Academy to recommend India’s entry for the Foreign Language Oscar. In India, Film Federation of India promotes activities that stimulate the industry’s growth as well as contribute to the nation’s economy.

Search for Stars® is an effort by Film Federation of India to reach out, seek and identify untapped talent and catalyse its gainful employment within the industry by creating a platform present it to potential employers within the Indian Industry…all within the gambit of SKILLINDIA.

“The idea behind ‘Search for Stars’ is to reinvigorate the whole system! Yes the Nation went through a difficult phase with total lockdown all around but it also gave us a chance for a fresh start. Digital medium is not just the future, it is very much the present and it is here to stay!” remarked Mr. Firdausul Hasan, President of Film Federation of India.

“We appreciate the efforts of all aspiring actors who come to Mumbai in search of work and to make a name for themselves; however, in this ‘new normal’ situation we figured that online would be the best avenue to reach out to untapped talents from every corner of India. Now anyone with access to internet and a smart-phone, coupled with the passion of acting can participate in India’s biggest online acting platform – Search for Stars.” Mr. Hasan added.

Search for Stars® is yet another of Film Federation of India’s outreach activities to create value for the Indian film industry, this time, to discover new talent to enrich the Industry; and consequently enhance the talent’s potential through effective skilling measures.

Any aspiring actor can apply online at the website and choose the language in which they wish to audition.

Film Federation of India has enabled the choice of language for participants to 13 languages viz. Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Odiya, Assamese & Nepali.

“Any contestant is welcome to act in their preferred language; however, if any contestant chooses to act in multiple languages, each language shall be treated as a separate entry and the participant will have to sign up on the portal one at a time, for multiple selections. This way we get a diverse range of untapped talent from all over the country, who can make a difference on the silver screen for years to come.” said Mr. Firdausul Hasan, President of Film Federation of India.

Search for Stars® is all set to bring a digital revolution in the realm of acting talents across Indian Cinema.


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