Brand Card – Business Card for The Digital Age

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Ever since the rise of COVID-19 & lockdown, people and businesses have shifted online. Online meetings and networking took a rise in the graph of networking around the globe. There was still a hesitance in sharing an individual connect or one-page profile with respective clients and new networks online all at one go. This gave shape to the whole new concept of Brand Card.

Brand Card was created with a vision that encompasses the digital age in every way possible. We decided to adapt a networking medium that was safe, contactless and at the same time efficient and environmentally friendly.

“Business cards for the digital age” quotes Mr. Arhaan Shaikh, Director of Brand Card. Who also adds that “This is the future of how people are going to share their business profiles online through WhatsApp, Zoom, LinkedIn, Mail, and many other such social networking sites.”

Brand Card aims at providing exquisite digital business cards that can be shared with innumerable people infinite number of times, from Anywhere, Anytime. Our goal is to make cost effective business cards that can make networking easier and provide direct links to the contact details and social media details of the user.

Despite pandemic, brand card is helping digital conferences come alive and people network online with contactless digital card.

“I have seen people struggling in sharing all their details online in just one go. This gave us an opportunity to invent a new CRM based Customised business Card which represents your respective brand” says Ms. Jyoti Papani, Director of Brand Card.

Brand card gives you hot leads for your business. It is a new, more advanced way of networking and doing business in this new era. You can easily share your brand card with your potential customers, clients or even your friends & family with just one click!

Your Brand Card has all the details and the direct links to your contact ID, social media handles, website and any other link that you might like to showcase. With just one click on your Brand Card, any potential customer can open up your website, or save your contact details or text you on WhatsApp.

“The best part about the Brand Card is that you can track and trace all the cards that you have shared, and thus, have a better insight about your current network and its demographic. You can analyse and strategize your conversion rates and get real-time updates on your ROIs.” Adds Mr. Jay Shah, Director of Brand Card.

It is an inexpensive investment. Digital cards are not required to be printed, unlike paper cards. So, Digital Brand cards are far cheaper than paper cards. e.g. INR 1000/- for 1000 printed cards VS. INR 1000/- for unlimited sharing


How does it work?

Brand Card works as a clever marketing tool by driving traffic to your website, social media and key company links in just one click. Customise your company template to include images, links to whitepapers and industry reports. Plus, this has been integrated with your backend in software that we provide so your main database is kept up-to-date.


Our Vision

“Sustainably provide an all-around networking solution which is not only user-friendly, but also environmental-friendly.”

The democratisation of the new digital age is at its peak in this new decade. Everything around us is changing. It is time to embrace the change and manifest the best of the best out of it.

“Those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.”


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