How Choosing The Right Makeup Academy Can Boost Your Makeup Career

Delhi, India : My name is Aditi Jain. I live in New Delhi – one of the most culturally diverse cities of India. For years, my passion resided in becoming a successful makeup artist; however, it was a struggle finding the right makeup academy and the right path.

My days were spent relentlessly looking for the best makeup academy in Delhi. I was anxiously in search of a mentor, a teacher, or an institute to help me get started on the path towards becoming a successful makeup artist.

During this time I had researched various makeup artist courses and visited many academies, but none of them satisfied my career goals. During these desperate times, one fine day, I stumbled upon a makeup academy that I knew was the one for me right away!

The Red Fox Makeup Academy is situated in the heart of New Delhi. Using modern techniques and industry updates, the academy trains students to become professional makeup artists worldwide in various industries including freelance work, fashion makeup, television, film and beyond.

My experience at The Red Fox Makeup Academy was nothing more than wholesome. The highly qualified faculty members are “Internationally” certified. They provided the best makeup secrets and hacks which really helped me to achieve the flawless makeup looks.

Students are provided with high-end and professional products for practice which really helps you to get great product knowledge. We learned many skills like color correction, base application, eye makeup, liners, contouring, skin prep and airbrush makeup. A cool part of the course is that hair-styling is included in the package as well. You will learn upto 12 different hairstyles for different occasions during the course.

The staff is very professional, friendly, and cooperative. They provide you individual attention so you can learn everything at your pace and also ask any questions during the process.

The mentors start by teaching you the basics, and once you have grasped them well, they will move on to more advanced makeup looks.

The best part about the course is what comes after the completion phase. Once you have obtained the certificate of completion, it opens doors to various internship and job opportunities.

With the help of the academy’s referrals, I was able to score an internship at one of the top makeup brands. The Red Fox Makeup Academy truly prepares you for the outside world through career counseling, marketing workshops, Instagram growth and even interview preparation.

After the internship, the world was my oyster! I was beyond thrilled when all the hard work paid off and landed me a job at one of the top makeup brands in the world — Sephora!

I want to extend a big thank you to The Red Fox academy for providing me an excellent training and for helping me achieve my dreams.

I wanted to share my journey and experience to the aspiring makeup artists and help them to make the right decision. If you are also looking to kick start your career in the makeup industry, l would highly recommend The Red Fox Makeup Academy. Apart from the Professional Makeup Artist Course, they also offer Self Makeup Course and Nail Art Courses. Check out more details on their website.


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