Lakshya Signages create and deliver superior quality Printing & Signage solutions

New Delhi : Lakshya Signages is one such company based in Delhi, India, that provides exemplary design solutions and branding services to other companies worldwide. The company specializes in providing visual solutions. They have great experience working with numerous clients, including well named Corporates, Marketing and Design Managers, Interior Designers, Architects, etc. They create unique design solutions for other companies.

Lakshya Signages can make dreams transform into reality. Once they receive the requirements of a company, they strive their best to transform it into reality through their experience in the printing and execution  field. Unmatched quality of visual solutions is only possible because of the team’s great passion for their work.

The company was established in 2012 when an expert team of designers, signage engineers, and print specialists joined forces. This partnership was extraordinary and a tremendous combination of talent. Like-minded people from the field of visual solutions made miracles happen.

They have a great workflow and complete every project within the stipulated time. They generally assign a project to a multi-skilled team, and each team has a highly experienced project manager who ensures that things go as planned.

They are experts in designing large signage for the main purpose of branding. Additionally, they help marketers and other professionals and help to make a brand popular with their visual solutions. Complex and large signs are installed by their team of experts at most unlikely places. They are well-versed in printing solutions of varied sizes. They create all kinds of printed communications, right from simple fliers to large-scale brochures. Creative designs are produced using their skills and experience.

This venture’s design team is highly qualified, and they can create eye-catching, innovative display solutions for exhibitions and retail spaces. At the center of Lakshya Signages, they have their design and print studio with the best equipment representing the state-of-art. They print using the best devices that include Ronald, Epson, etc.

They also use UV print wide-format digital printers to ensure quality. Quality is their number one priority, with which they satisfy their clientele. High-quality printing solutions are provided to ensure that their branding banners come out well. Additionally, original inks are produced to deliver quality. Hence, all their prints are of exceptional quality. They have always exceeded the expectations of their clients.

Their creative team has a passion for the marketing of retail stores and has also successfully achieved several national campaigns’ goals. A large number of event solutions are supplied to businesses to help them with their branding. The services provided include suspended banners, pull up banners, banner walls, fence wraps, commercial canopy, etc. They transform your dreams into realities. They provide different signage solutions for both indoor and outdoor events.

Prints and all kinds of customized wallpapers are manufactured that include vehicle branding as well. Lakshya Signages is a one-stop solution for all your printing and visual solution needs. With this company, you will not have to look for any other creative display solution. Being founded by a highly skilled figure, Mr. Sunny Thakur, the company prides itself on providing enormous branding design and signage solutions. Its co-founders, Mr. Akash Dhankani and Mr. Girish Nandwani play a major role in ensuring that the client’s expectations are met.

The company was nominated as the Best Emerging Company 2020 in the Advertising Category. The jury of Business Mint Nationwide Awards realized that their work excels in the field of visual print solutions because of which they were presented with the award. With a decade of experience in the designing field, they create compelling visual display solutions. The broad range of skills of their competent teams has earned them a reputation in the industry. They fulfill all the requirements and demands of different industrial sectors.


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