A humble initiative by Sneha & Raj diamonds is helping businesses scale up through TIP-The Influence Pro

Banglore, Karnataka : A flawed lockdown was imposed by the government of every country, in the wake of a pandemic. It has caused immense suffering, especially for daily wage earners. Some of them faced a terrible situation and lost their jobs. Similarly, the people in India also suffered at the hands of this lockdown.

There was an acute downfall in the Indian economy and the healthcare system is still in shackles. The speed and magnitude of every activity across industries collapsed at a rapid pace, and the experience followed was unlike anything that an individual must have felt in their lifetime. A financial crisis loomed across the nation and people are still uncertain about when everything will go back to normal.

Amidst all these, the festive season has already started. However, this time, there is anything festive about the festive season. Thousands have gone homeless, and several don’t have proper food facilities at their homes. People are trying to help each other with whatever they can at times of such an emergency. Some have joined hands to distribute food and ration to the needy, whereas, others are donating other daily essentials so that those deprived don’t get much affected by the hard times.

The resources of those who already had less, are drying up. This made Raj Diamonds come up with an out of the box initiative. The line of people taking initiatives to help those in need is getting longer. TIP – The Influence Pro is founded by Dr Sneha Rakesh, it is her new venture. It helps businesses scale up with the assistance of their unique initiatives. Sneha is one of the Top International Leaders and Mahatma Gandhi Award winner.

Diwali is around the corner and people will buy new clothes, etc. for themselves and their family. This year it will be hard for many, hence, Raj Diamond and Dr Sneha have come up with an initiative to support people who struggled through the pandemic. It aspires to make the festive season bright and happy for the deprived as well.

Raj Diamond’s is a premium natural showroom of Diamond Jewellery. It has come up with a very unique initiative for a social cause to help daily wagers who have had a hard time during the outbreak of coronavirus and lockdown. They also aim to help corona warriors, because of whom the life of others was made easy.

Make a Purchase from Raj Diamonds this Diwali and help others brighten up their homes with happiness. Every purchase made at Raj Diamonds will be rewarded with coupons that can be encashed later with them. Customers can give these coupons to their maids, staff, drivers, security guards, nurses, etc. People who are given these coupons can drop in at the store and get their coupons encashed. They can celebrate Diwali with the money received.

Raj Diamonds has also initiated a photo contest for people. Winners of this contest will receive a diamond set that is worth Rs. 25000. All they need to do is take photos in the photo booths established at the outlets of Raj Diamonds. Their showrooms are located in Jayanagar and MG Road. Raj Diamonds is taking a step forward to help make Diwali 2020 a bright one for everyone.

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