WPSaviour- The Messiah for all WordPress conundrums

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] :  WordPress is one of the most trusted and preferred website development platforms, especially for beginners from around the globe. From a simple blog or informative website to a full-fledged e-commerce website like Flipkart, WordPress can be used to develop all sorts of websites under the sun. However, not everyone who puts up a website on WordPress knows the platform that well and often ends up having a hoard of queries which stay unresolved. Realizing the need to solve these queries and make WordPress easy to use even by those WordPress users and enthusiasts who lack a technical or website development background, a young WordPress developer, Prathamesh Patil had bitten his entrepreneurial cookie and laid the foundation of WPSaviour.

WPSaviour owns a Website & Mobile App that lets you stay updated with everything that’s happening around WordPress, along with that the app also has a feature called QUIZ, where one can browse all the articles throughout the app/website and then come back to the QUIZZES to self-examine themselves. It’s like a complete process and guide one can ask for when it comes to WordPress.

Prathamesh learned to code at a very early age and started consulting for website development since his early career days, which is also why he had chosen to make a career a WordPress developer after completing his BTech in Information Technology from the University of Maharashtra. He realized the need for a dedicated resource for addressing WordPress related queries and other requirements as WordPress is one of the most preferred website development platforms and not everyone who wants to host his/her website on WordPress necessarily possess technical or coding know-how.

“During my days of consulting as a WordPress developer, I used to be bombarded with queries even on my social media posts about how to fix errors on WordPress. While this was overwhelming, I also felt the need for an app where I could easily address the queries as resolving such issues on my system during my office hours would make me look highly unprofessional. This is when the idea of starting up WPSaviour sprung in my mind and I happily took the leap. I founded WPSavior, a one-of-a-kind venture that not only helps people build their own presence online through a WordPress website seamlessly through training and guidance but also strives at resolving any WordPress queries. We also have inbuilt features on our App that let the users build their WordPress websites in a matter of minutes.”

Prathamesh mentions that like every other start-up he too had to bite the hard rock of being able to reach out to the relevant client base and convince them how WPSaviour could make their online business journey frictionless. He further mentions that he was able to overcome this within a short span using his technical and digital media skills. When it comes to the current challenges, creating and implementing a monetizable model is their next big step, especially since it had so far been a free-to-use platform.WPSavior is all set to launch a revenue-oriented model, i.e. subscription-based digital learning programs tailored for WordPress modules.

Designed to render a holistic WordPress experience from development to issue resolution, WPSaviour aims at capturing a 2.26% market share in the WordPress development and training space in the next 5 years and creating a disruption of how WordPress is conceived in the Indian business milieu.

App Link: https://wpsaviour.app.link/wYI7qWSBq9

Instagram: @wpsaviour

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wpsaviour/


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