Creates a new shopping experience: The Infinique Mall is all set to define enhanced digital shopping experiences for the modern customer

New customers are the best source of new business – Frank Bettger

Bengaluru, Karnataka [India]: Looking to shop for some bespoke, specially curated, unique products from the cool confines of your home/office that can be delivered right at your doorstep?  Well, your search ends with the newly launched Infinique Mall.  A unique concept owned and operated by BizEdge Disha Private Limited. Infinique mall is an online curated mall that retails rare, premium and speciality luxury goods which customers can shop for from anywhere in the world.

Distinctive offering

Infinique mall retails products that are unique&/or rare products & services which are exclusive. Each product is specially handpicked for its premium, niche appeal, and quality that guarantees user satisfaction and value. Just like in a physical or offline mall, customers can explore from Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBO)for products and services, Multi Brand Outlets (MBO) called Rare Basket for FMCG products and Unique-Kart for FMCD products. Unlike other malls, Infinique Mall’s focus and target market is the SEC A consumers who are 8.5% of India’s population amounting to around 12.5 crore people growing at a rate of 2.5% per annum.

Rationale and business model

Based on the research done by the company, there are over 30,000 SMEs in India and over 1 Lakh SMEs overseas in the consumer products and services space. While they may have the expertise to develop and manufacture products, several challenges could potentially arise during the marketing and operating phase.  Many of these companies may not be able to independently invest and/or have the requisite skill sets to launch and scale their businesses in the digital space. Hence there is a requirement of an aggerated company which would assist in business incubation and /or business acceleration.

Infinique mall is thus the platform for such small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the consumer products and services space, to launch their products and provide them an opportunity to scale and grow their businesses in the digital space. “Not all start-ups, SME’s, importers of consumer brands and international consumer brands who would like to enter India as a digital first strategy have the requisite skillset, technology and investment needed for the correct go-to market strategy and to grow their business in the digital space. We intend to bridge this need gap with bespoke solutions tailored for each brand” adds Satyajeet Pant Balekundri, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, Infinique Mall.

Apart from this, brands can leverage the platform to build their customer base while establishing their unique selling propositions.  The combined strengths of the brands add up to much larger synergies and will help provide opportunities of cross category promotions where each brand will be able to ride on the other’s consumer base.

Team behind Infinique Mall

Infinique mall is promoted by Disha Communications Pvt Ltd, funded through their sister concern Purple Zebra Ideas Pvt Ltd, as a strategic joint venture with BizEdge Consumer Products Pvt Ltd., with a share holding pattern of 51:49 thereby bringing in the synergies of two corporates. The company is managed by a professional board headed by Mr. K. K. Mathew as Chairman, Mr. Attur Prabhakar Srivatsan as Managing Director, Mr. Nigel Mathew as Chief Operating Officer, Satyajeet Pant Balekundri as Chief Business Officer and Varun Jaura as Chief Revenue Officer supported by Finance and HR functions apart from the implementation support provided by both corporates. The team which brings to the table a combined work experience of over 200 years with versatile experiences across diverse segments like FMCG, FMCD, Retail, Telecom and Advertising, PR, Digital Marketing and Sales Promotions have both individually and as corporates been servicing the SME segment which serves as the backbone of the economy.


Infinique is the result of extensive market research by the promoters and senior executives of both the corporates who have inferred that consumer trends are fueling the online business, where customers are seeking more personal connects with brands.  Brands in turn are receptive to experimentation and are ready to service new-age consumers with niche requirements.  In such a scenario Infinique Mall proves to be the perfect fit and growth engine platform for such businesses. For More information visit :


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