Jaipur Audition for Elite Miss Rajasthan 2020

We are coming on 8th November with corona precautions

Jaipur (Rajasthan) : Unlike a fashion show, the models aren’t swaying on a ramp in real life. They are depending on digital technology to rescue their annual extravaganza from the coronavirus pandemic. For months, designers, models, make-up artists, and film crews worked to create the fusion of the physical and virtual fashion, adapting to the virus restrictions. In such a situation, during the process of unlocking, Elite Miss Rajasthan auditions will be held on 8th November. This is a dream project of Elite Miss Rajasthan Director Gaurav Gaur. Audition for one of Rajasthan’s biggest beauty competitions, Elite Miss Rajasthan will be held in Jaipur on 8th November. The competition will be judged by celebrity judges.

According to Gaurav Gaur, The ‘new normal’ has brought in its wake job losses, financial instability, remote work arrangements, and shrinking social gatherings. Just like much else, the fashion industry has also felt the ripples of a shrinking economy. Due to this, I have decided to do something new for the fashion industry.

We have recently completed auditions for Jodhpur and Udaipur. Now we are heading to Jaipur on this upcoming 8th November. a huge upturn of 500 plus responses has been registered. Every year, girls from the big cities of the state take part, but this year, the enthusiasm is very high even in participants from rural areas. Many girls have registered from the comparatively smaller areas i.e.Bundi, Rajsamand, Shekhawati, Jhunjhunu, and Pali. During the audition, We have adhered to the guidelines like mandatory mask-wearing and maintaining social distancing, added Gaurav Gaur.

Talking about the fashion industry during coronavirus he said, All things, good or bad, are transient and in that phase of time, they leave their temporary imprints. Of course, the pandemic will affect the fashion industry, just like it has everything, but it shall pass. I am confident that we shall emerge in a more appreciative and grateful world. One must always look at the positives hidden within the adversities. I am glad that the world has realized that it needs to slow down. All we have to do is focus on our core skill, take it to the next level.

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