Dalmia gets approval from Ministry of AYUSH for manufacturing of ASTHA-15 for the treatment of COVID-19

  • “Astha -15” aids in the speedy recovery of COVID-19 patients
  • Dalmia Research gets AYUSH sanction to market a first-of-its-kind COVID Treatment formulation
  • DCRD developed15 herb Ayurvedic formulation is a global first in COVID treatment, puts India as a leading player in COVID pharmaceutics
  • Dalmia gerts India & Ayurveda on World COVID Map


Noida [India] : In possibly, the proudest reason for India to cheer about during these pandemic times, Dalmia Healthcare Limited very soon will be announcing the launch of the polyherbal combination of 15 herbs called Astha-15 for the treatment of COVID-19 along with standard care approved as per AYUSH/ICMR guidelines. This Ayurvedic (Indian System of Medicine) polyherbal capsule has been developed with the rationale to provide a safe and effective Ayurvedic formulation for the patients suffering from COVID and shown remarkable results.

“This is a proud moment for India, our own indigenous Ayurveda and Dalmia Healthcare Limited –has developed Astha-15 for the effective treatment of respiratory disorders in COVID patients,” says Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman, Dalmia Group of Companies. Dalmia’s research arm Dalmia Centre for Research and Development (DCRD) has developed Astha-15 after extensive research and developed this polyherbal combination.

“We are happy to announce that the outcome of the Clinical Trial showed that Astha-15 has significantly reduced the cough and wheezing, improved the respiratory rate and aid in the speedy recovery of COVID-19 patients with the improvement of quality of life during the treatment cycle,” asserts Dalmia.

Aptly named Astha or faith, Astha-15 brings back the faith of the healthcare fraternity in Ayurveda. The pathbreaking medicine acts as a bronchodilator, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and lung detoxifier. It helps in eliminating the infection and regulating the allergic reactions. This has a specific action on the mucosa of the respiratory tract and the muscular walls of the lungs that act as the airways. It has an anti-inflammatory effect which reduces inflammation and congestion inside the lungs. Its continuous use reduces the damage on the lungs and the muscular walls and brings out a significant reversal in their dysfunction. All these disorders which have been found in COVID19 patients have been confirmed to be treated by Astha-15.

Dalmia Healthcare had earlier sought approval for Astha-15 by conducting a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of polyherbal combination for the treatment of COVID-19 along with standard care approved as per AYUSH/ICMR guidelines. After two successful phases, Phase III trial was conducted on 120 subjects at multi-centric sites viz. JNUIMSRC, Jaipur, Govt. Medical College & Govt. General hospital, Srikakulam (Old RIMSGGH) and RGMC & CSMH, Thane by following the regulatory guidelines of AYUSH and the Informed Consent Declaration, Insurance Terms and Hospital Ethics Committee approvals which are registered at DCGI to perform the clinical trial. This phase III clinical trial has been registered on CTRI with reg. no. CTRI/2020/06/025590.

Astha-15 will be made available in the First Phase through prescriptions written for mild and moderate COVID patients undergoing treatment in COVID Hospitals. Dalmia Healthcare would be applying for permission/approval of Astha-15 usage in allopathic hospitals, as per the procedure in each hospital.

Dalmia’s Astha-15 will be the first Ayurvedic drug and an indigenous formulation from India in the global market addressing the respiratory disorders in COVID. Its arrival will bring in immediate faster recovery relief to lakhs of COVID patients.

About Dalmia Health Care:

Dalmia Healthcare Limited (DHL), a Dalmia Group Company, has made foray into the healthcare business in the year 2000 and offers plant-based formulations (Ayurvedic/herbal) prepared through scientific validation followed by clinical trials undertaken by its research centre, Dalmia Centre for Research and Development   (DCRD).

The essence of pre-marketing efforts focuses on clinical trials compared and measured with those for various Allopathic drugs indicated for similar conditions. Extensive toxicological studies are conducted while formulating DHL products in order to ensure that our products are safe and devoid of adverse side-effects. All products of Dalmia Healthcare are manufactured and evaluated in accordance with the standards of modern medical parameters.

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