Dr. Veeramaneni offers various training programs on Vastu Sciences

Hyderabad,Telangana [India]: Dr. Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni has been practicing astrology since he was a ten-year-old. The Vastu Pandit was born to be an intuitive astrologer and has been in this field for the last forty years. He is the world’s first and only one  ISO 10002:2018  certified Vastu consultant and mentor and is famous for his skills in the field. In his forty-year span in astrology career, he has spent the last thirty years being dedicated to Vastu Sciences. Dr. Veeramaneni. has spent the last twenty years gaining research experience in Vastu Science and has been reflecting this knowledge in his practice and training in the field for the last ten years.

Apart from his learning and knowledge in traditional Vastu Sciences, Dr. Venugopal also has significant experience in the corporate, commercial, and industrial sectors, which has only helped his career and made him the first Vastu consultant with corporate and industrial experience in the world. He has two years of experience in this arena and has been well-established herein.

Dr. Venugopal is also the world’s first astrologer to have experiences in numerous sciences like the Vastu, astrology, numerology, human psychology, and gemological sciences. He’s rather known as an astrology consultant with a specialty in medical astrology and compatibility and a numerologist expert who is great at helping in new names and correcting already chosen names. He’s also a gem advisor who can help choose a person the right gem to provide them with the right guidance. Further, his human psychology experience has only honed his skills in understanding the human mind, behaviour, and attitude and ensuring good needful guidance.

Dr. Venugopal’s expertise has won him over ninety felicitations nationally and internationally and made him famous worldwide. He’s also the first Vastu to be featured in Forbes. He has more than forty-five clients worldwide and has monitored more than three-hundred students and dowsing specialists to seek answers on what’s been lost.

Dr. Venugopal is represented by the Veeramaneni Institute of Vastu Sciences, which is a training institute wherein trainees are taught the principles and application of Vastu in a detailed manner. The Veeramaneni Institute has given Vastu input to more than three-thousand buildings and given corrections without any physical alteration recommendation. It’s also helped in designing more than nine-hundred buildings like commercial, industrial, and corporate buildings and apartments and villas. The Institute also offers training to students who belong to construction careers like architects, builders, civil engineers, exterior, and interior designers. It also provides training to astrologers and interested individuals who wish to make a career in Vastu consultancy.

It is not just homegrown individuals who take up training; rather, many foreigners as well. It is a fact that in many western nations, Vastu is of significance, and many foreigners try to implement it in their daily lives. Some countries even call it ‘Indian Feng Shui’ and ‘Indian Traditional Architecture.’ We all are aware that western nations are greatly obsessed and welcoming of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vastu science when it comes to Indian learnings. In the last few years, increasing millennialism makes Vastu more relevant and important due to its deep-rooted value and significance. The need to protect and nourish it is seen as very essential. Hence, foreigners take up Dr. Venugopal’s training to learn and add to their qualifications and ensure they practice it greatly.

Vastu training is being conducted in both classroom and online modes. More than five hundred students from India, USA, UK, UAE, Europe, Russia, South America, Australia & Africa have participated in these training sessions. These training programs have tenures of 1 day, 3 days and 6 days.

Right now, he is conducting online classes for his students owing to the ongoing pandemic. However, he plans to start teaching offline as soon as the condition eases. In 2021, through his Institute, Dr. Venugopal is planning to offer a six-day residential program on Traditional and Advanced Vastu Sciences. The training begins on 21 January 2021 and ends on 26 January 2020 in Hyderabad resorts in a physical mode while following coronavirus precautionary measures. The training is available for astrologers, building planners, civil engineers, Vastu consultants, interior designers, and anyone who wishes to learn Vastu science. One will be introduced to Vastu and its ancient history, literature, and science behind it in the training program. One shall also learn about the five elements in Vastu and the Elements Balance Theory and understand it better with practical application. The training also explains the Theory of Right Activities and Right Places that could help one better understand directions and buildings scientifically and comprehend remedies for issues. It will also provide a commercial, industrial, and industrial vastu understanding. Here, one could also get trained in numerology, astrology, gemmology, and compatibility in personal and professional ventures. All the theoretical understanding is coupled with practical experience, and each participant shall receive a certificate.

For more information and consultation, visit http://www.vvastu.com/.

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