Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: A cost-effective and feature-packed solution from Blockchain App Factory

Chennai, Tamil nadu [India] : Crypto exchanges are witnessing a huge increase in user base with every passing day making enormous profits. Blockchain App Factory’s immense expertise in the evolving industry ensures that a perfect launch platform is created for your exchange.

The demand has skyrocketed as people are remaining inside their homes due to the coronavirus imposed lockdowns across the globe and the severe economic crisis. Despite popular exchanges dominating the growing industry, no one has a majority market share indicating the ample scope for innovation.

At Blockchain App Factory, we render high-quality, feature-rich, and cost-effective cryptocurrency exchange development services to get maximum traction for your platform in the competitive market.

The various kinds of cryptocurrency exchange development service that we provide are

Centralized exchange:

 It is governed by an independent central authority for trading cryptos through either fiat to crypto or crypto to crypto. They can handle huge trading volumes, possess sufficient liquidity, and accept different types of orders.

The unique features of our centralized exchange development solution

 Trading automatically executed by robust smart contracts.

  • Spot KYC/AML verification is undertaken for the users according to their geographical location.
  • API integration with the leading exchanges in the market for a better trading experience for the users.
  • Technical support is rendered in multiple languages.
  • An accurate matching engine that delivers a power-packed performance.
  • Firewall implementation to ensure a safe investment experience.

We also develop decentralized exchanges that support seamless peer to peer trading for users. There are no intermediaries involved in the system, and top-notch security measures are taken with the help of distributed nodes to protect the user from hacking and phishing attacks.

The innovative characteristics of our Decentralized exchange development solution


  • Escrow system for dispute-free trading between the users.
  • Online and offline trading facilities are enabled on the platform.
  • Integration of a multi-currency crypto wallet.
  • Support for different kinds of crypto and fiat currencies.
  • Swift dispute resolution.
  • A trader-friendly user interface.


The future in store for Cryptocurrency exchanges in the market

 While there is a serious debate between the efficiency of the centralized exchanges and the security offered by the decentralized exchanges, the firms need to be prepared to comply with the different regulations issued from time to time and also ensure adequate scalability to survive in the competitive industry. The credibility of cryptocurrencies gets a boost with more institutional funds entering the market. The proponents of cryptocurrencies utilize its main advantages, like decentralization and transaction anonymity.

Many merchants and businesses have started accepting cryptocurrencies in their operations, which is an encouraging sign. Widespread adoption in the mainstream financial system is the key to the growth of crypto. Hence, it requires adequate consumer safeguards under the law and has to prevent illegal activities like tax evasion and money laundering. It is also subject to huge price swings due to the speculative tendencies of the investors. Its limited supply and growing usage determine its value. It will also help in achieving financial inclusion by removing the middleman and ensuring low transaction fees while exchanging digital assets. Positive regulations are needed in the cryptocurrency space to make full use of its massive potential.




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