Now Kashmiri residents will work with embroidered machines, Alliance Embroiderry office opens in Srinagar

Surat, Gujarat [India] : In life, a person is successful who keeps his positive thoughts and does not restrict those thoughts to actual thinking and actually puts them on the ground. Subhash Dawar, an embroidery machinery businessman from Surat, is one of such rare personalities. When Article 370 was withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir, he had a thought in mind that why not the machines of his Alliance Embroiderry should be installed in Kashmir and provide a new opportunity for development to the residents there who do different kinds of workmanship on clothes.

Subhash Dawar has given real thought to this. The Kashmir office of Alliance Embroideries was inaugurated near the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. Subhash Dawar told about his new venture that the local people in Kashmir have been engaged in the handloom industry for centuries. They make many kinds of famous things, among which Pochu, Shaul, Kurti, Carpet etc. are prominent. On these products, these people, in the language of embroidery, do the work of chain stitch and silver brocade and they do all this work with hands. Since they do all the work by hand, it takes several days to make one thing.

Subhash Dawar said that people in Kashmir are traditionally involved in this work of manual work. There are no industrial areas for this purpose ideologically. People do this work in their homes on a small scale. Keeping this in view, his company Alliance Embroidery has designed special machines according to the need of the artisans there, which people can install in their homes. This will benefit these Kashmiri residents, that what takes them a week to make things, they will make in a day.

Subhash Dawar said that by doing this work with embroidery machines, not only will the design get variety but the work will also be of great quality. Also, 80 percent of their products on the machine will be used and they will be able to do 20 percent of the work by hand, which will also maintain their traditional skills. Machines will also increase the production of artisans and this will also increase their trade.

Subhash Dawar said that he has made a local entrepreneur from Kashmir his business partner who has been working on machines that are decades old. As a representative of the Alliance, he will make people aware of how beneficial use of embroidery machines can be done in Kashmir. From time to time from the company’s Surat office, engineers and designers will also go to Kashmir and organize workshops so that the artisans there can get an idea of ​​what kind of work they can benefit from the machine. The Alliance Company will provide them with all types of service.

Subhash Dawar also said that if he got the support of the Government of India, he dreams of building an embroidery park in Kashmir so that this industry can be solidified there. In such parks, machines can be made available to artisans at concessional rates and by large scale industrial production, things can be transported to the mandis of the country and exported abroad. Dawar says that his aim is to connect the people of Kashmir with the main stream of the country and to realize that we are all one and together we can move forward on the development path.The dreams of Modi ATAMNIRBHAR BHARAT also supports ATAMNIRBHAR KASHMIR.


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