Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Today, ‘beauty’ is the priority of not just women but everyone in India and hence the beauty industry is booming!

The market is flooded with brands offering so many lines of products, that it’s more about ‘what do they want to sell us?’ than ‘what does our skin needs?’.

If you’ve ever been curious about knowing, ‘Which skincare routine to follow or What should I do for my acne?’, the internet must have thrown terms like, ‘Organic…natural…chemical free..’ at you along with suggesting some products and treatments!

But, what is the parameter are they using here to suggest these things for your skin? Reality being, NONE!

This is what stuck with Dr. Sidrah Agharia when she started interning with different doctors and understanding the culture of this industry.

Dr. Sidrah Agharia is the Founder of ‘Dr. Sidrah’s Clinic’ & Consultant for Skin, Hair & Laser treatments.

Being a graduate from prestigious Smt C.M.P Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai affiliated to MUHS and a keen learner of Clinical Cosmetology and Trichology, she has been also trained under renowned experts in field of Aesthetic Medicine, eg. ‘Dermapen Microneedling Training’ for which she is known to be one of the bests in the industry today! Currently, she is pursuing Post-graduate Fellowship in Homeopathic Dermatology from the same university.

Being a firm believer of Healing Science, through Dr. Sidrah’s Clinic, she envisions to provide the best skincare solutions with the approach of ‘Holistic Aesthetics’ which is not just about making you look beautiful but also helping you feel your best.

Being the first Doctor in the family to becoming one of the youngest Entrepreneurs in India with a unique vision as this, it has not been a cakewalk yet a cherishing experience for Dr. Sidrah.

This journey started in 2017 with some small savings from her salary, 200sqft place & 2 basic machines is now a 600 sqft Clinic having all the latest Aesthetic Devices and most importantly, 2000+ happy patients experiencing a miraculous change in their Skin & Hair.

As she’s been creating a difference in her patients’ life and striving to create the same in the industry, what is it that she is doing differently?

She believes, “It’s not about selling but about helping people by listening to them first, understanding what bothers them and then devise a customized plan that will heal them, is when you create a 360- degree transformation in them.

Also, her aim is always to improve the person both physically and mentally with a holistic approach of treating them to create sustainable results and cure the root problems of the patients.

What makes Dr.Sidrah stand out is she not just cures but passionately educates the world with her unique approach of combining ‘Art & Science’.

If you have been her patient, you know how actively she will keep you aware to test anything that you use on your skin, regardless of those labels ‘Natural, Organic or Chemical-free’.

Being a responsible doctor, she has always prescribed only steroid-free & dermatologically tested medicines to her patients to improve & enhance their skin health.

What does she can help YOU with?

Are you tired of wondering what exactly your Skin and Hair need to achieve your dream results? Then, Dr. Sidrah is the person you need!

Being a specialist and with 99% positive results created for 2000+ patients, she strives to reach more and more people to help them with long-term results and impact their lives positively.

How does she make this happen?

Online & offline consultations

With the latest, high standard & affordable technologies available at her clinic

Her expertise developed through deep research, studies, live workshops and personal counselling with the legends of this field.

Personalised and caring ‘After-service’ provided by the team at Dr Sidrah’s Clinic.

“The redness on my face has vanished and the acne is almost clear.”

 “My skin feels so soft and healthy. I can’t believe it’s glowing.” 

“One of the best treatments available in Mumbai at the best pricing.”

 “Dr Sidrah is the only person I trust with my skin.”

 These are just a few of the numerous feedbacks the patients of Dr. Sidrah expressed.

She says, “Do not apply something just because it is working for your friend, family or colleague. Your skin is unique in itself and it is suffering different problems. Copying someone might just make them worse. That’s why we are here to provide that special attention and the right solution to you.”

Dr. Sidrah Agharia

You can submit your details in the form below and book a FREE Consultation with Dr. Sidrah Today:

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