A Community of Relocation Companies to Help People with Their Relocation Needs!

Bengaluru, Karnataka [India] : Movers Federation of India is striving to protect the interests of moving companies and it aims to provide the consumers with the best. It is one of India’s largest mover’s networks serving millions of consumers with more than 200 fleets. They are serving industries and organizations across 350+ locations with 1 million+ happy customers.

Any moving company can easily opt for the membership of the “Movers Federation of India”. However, all the moving companies must follow the rules & regulation, stay connected, and stay updated with the latest news and information. After taking its membership, MFI offers the tools required to operate and maintain a successful moving company and ensure that its consumers’ needs are met successfully. MFI aims to boost its members’ interest and provide a forum to them where they can address the issues related to work and mutual concern. MFI is building the future for relocation companies, and they are there to help other companies with their issues.

It is one of the largest forums in India for relocation companies that manage the relocation of people. This federation aims to solve issues between the customers and industry and reach out to the government for numerous concerns in the industry. MFI provides appropriate training to the movers that provide them with the required knowledge and skills. This enables them to move everything and help their customers by providing the best relocation services.

A community of movers is built by MFI so that moving companies can connect and share their issues that are faced in their work. They also make an effort to educate consumers about the moving industry. Optimal delivery is ensured that helps consumers trust movers. Movers need to take care of their consumers’ belongings to ensure timely delivery and no damage in transit.

Ajit Sharma is the founder of the Movers Federation of India, and he joined hands with several others who aspire to make the world a better place for relocation across. Five other people joined him to give this federation a kick start. All of them strive to make the federation a huge success and help movers provide high-quality relocation services to their consumers. Others who joined Ajit in this initiative are Ramesh Jangra, Jatin Gulati, Anoop Mishra, Alok Bhargava and Anuj Singh and many more relocation companies joined hand as a team from across the country.

They have made the entire process smooth for movers, and joining their community has several benefits for the relocation companies. It helps with community networking, provides advocacy on movers’ service policy, also results in income enhancements, holds several workshops and events for the movers to discuss everything on the forum, and provides business support.

There are no alternatives to the moving industry and it is tough to move world activities without this industry. It employs millions of people. It was a few years back that some unscrupulous elements entered the moving industry and they spoiled the reputation of this industry seriously. They took away belongings from the people and fled. Some of these fraudsters remain untraced till date. MFI was established to stop weed out fraud people and provide a reliable brand to the consumers.

We only sustain and take reliable professionals within our organization. We set our parameters according to the satisfaction of our consumers and for the bright future of our relocation industry. Trust no other than the MFI pro members for timely and safe delivery of belongings and consumer goods.

You cannot make the mistake of choosing the wrong company to move your valuables and personal effects. They may end up damaging it. MFI makes sure to teach movers the right skills to get everything moved with greater safety. You can easily find a highly professional moving company through MFI. They work to protect the interests of consumers, thus creating a greater community by making realistic promises.

This unique mission and the efforts of this organization caught the attention of Business Mint. MFI is doing a great job by serving people and helping them with their relocation needs. They ensure that every goods & belonging is safely delivered, no matter the location, and ensures no damage. It works only with ethical companies who are concerned about nothing but only the best. Because of its efforts, MFI was nominated under Best Community of the Year 2020 – Moving Industry Category.

MFI was also presented with the award, and it is one of the biggest achievements for them. For Information: https://moversfederation.org/ 

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