The Uncultured cinematic life of Tagore Almeida

Goa [India]  :  A filmmaker promoting love and peace, Tagore Almeida is the one wearing many hats in his life. Born in the beautiful picturesque state of Goa, India on the 7th of October, 1968; he lived here till the age of 15. He left the shores of Goa for the United Kingdom to study, where he spent close to 9 years pursuing his full-time higher education in Computer Studies & part-time in film making. A Libran to the core, he is a Writer, Producer, Director, and an IT Professional and has had a successful career.

When in London, he got exposed to the rest of the world, and with that came a harsh reality that many parts of the world were killing each other in the name of religions, colors, and races. He never had hatred towards each other back home as he lived in tolerance and harmony. So that’s how the group, aptly called ‘The Uncultured Company’ was born and its caption reads One World, One Faith, One Race, One Colour, Just A Different Face.

The Uncultured Company is more of a brand to do humanitarian services via the entertainment medium. He has done a web-series, given youth talks, and done business networking events. He is shortly embarking on a podcast too to highlight and discuss sensitive issues.

After initial setbacks in his filmmaking career, He has been fortunate to have international audiences across the world, thanks to the invention of the internet and some of the film festivals. A short film he produced in 2009 “Uss Din” got listed as being amongst the Top 10 short films made by a person of Indian origin by the “Times Of India” and in 2013, he went to the Cannes Film Festival with a strong film ” A God of Sinners.”

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He’s film USS DIN starring acclaimed Bollywood star Rajkumar Rao spoke about two families/societies and the hatred they have for each other, while A GOD OF SINNERS looked at the world of four best friends and how their inner world gets affected and destroyed by what happens in the outside world.

Tagore feels that the recent ongoing pandemic has been a huge reset moment for all human beings proving that money cannot buy safety and love. He truly believes that everybody has a story to tell and we just have to stop and listen. Anything and everything is an inspiration to him, right from hearing people talk, to the way they interact, to characteristics of various people, thus creating a happier and better world.

He had a great creative career and he loves the excitement of getting a new idea and then working on it and seeing it come to life. He dislikes the fact that people are arrogant, manipulative, and above all so damn insecure. He believes without hesitation that this creative world is so large, that there is room for everyone who wants to learn and grow.

“I might not change the world, but I will touch the lives of the people that I meet and that is my real goal in life.”, says Tagore. He aims to provide the best for his family and loved ones.

Tagore lives life like a free bird, enjoying all of the creations, colors, cuisines, cultures, etc, while still having his feet grounded in the values of family, upbringing in GOA, London, and of course in the rich values of INDIA. He has written more than 200 poems, which speak about humanity, anti-hatred, tolerance, and of course, love, and they are published online. He lives with his gorgeous wife Alia and an adorable daughter Tania in Singapore. His father passed away in mid-2016 and his mother lives in GOA. He advises today’s youth to keep learning and doing good work. Be honest, sincere, and dare to dream but don’t be fooled by immediate flattery.

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