The New Documentary Of Kovid Mittal Is All About His Expedition To The Highest Mountain Range, The Black Peak

Bengaluru, Karnataka [India] : Kovid Mittal is a very popular model turned actor. He is quite elated about his new documentary project which is yet to be released. In this documentary, he will be seen doing expeditions to the mountain peak of the Himalayas. The documentary is titled “6387 meters Black Peak”.

The Black Peak is one of the highest peaks of the Himalayas, and Kovid has worked very hard to conquer this peak. He has done a great job in the film. The documentary is a 60-minute chronicle that explains the journey of a team of eight members, who finally succeeded in reaching the Himalayas’ top, crossing the several obstacles that came their way.

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The weather conditions were extreme, but the brave-hearted team still managed to scale up to the top, defeating every adversity. They successfully conquered the highest peak of the Saraswati Mountain Range which is situated near the Ruinsara Valley of the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

The documentary is portrayed beautifully and is surely very inspiring to everyone who aspires to do mountaineering. The mountaineers shouldn’t miss this epic work of Kovid Mittal. It will motivate the mountaineers who love transversing through the tricky terrains located considerably above the sea levels.

The journey to the mountain peak started from Bengaluru on October 6. After reaching Dehradun, he, along with his other team members, reached the base camp of the mountain range on October 7. From this point, their foot expedition began.

The trek was, however, grueling from the very beginning. Kovid Mittal even fell sick during the expedition a few times. He even had symptoms of Hypothermia. It was  the Sherpas and the other team members who looked after him even at such a high altitude. The team members also had to suffer from peeling skin and extreme sunburn.

Kovid Mittal made a record of traveling to the highest mountain peak from Dehradun Airport and then coming back in just six days. No one has even dared to do that before. Kovid and his team was the first one to do so.

After achieving success, he was on cloud 9, and he couldn’t imagine that he was successful in his endeavour. Kovid also stated that this film is a pure experience, and the viewers will feel like they are traveling along with them to the mountains from the comfort of their home. He firmly believes all the hardships that he has gone through were all worth it in the end.

This film was shot on one of the highest altitudes. It was very difficult for the entire team, but they somehow managed to achieve their goals. It was also released worldwide on one of the leading OTT platforms. Kovid has filmed a few films before this one too. One of his mystery thrillers is titled “Kanke Mental Asylum.” The film is focused mainly on the ill practices that are followed in mental health hospitals. Kovid speaks about his future works in the video as well and says that he will be seen in a music video, the shooting for which will start soon in Bengaluru.



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