Small store owners creating a hassle free online store on Lofaz Digital Dukaan

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : The outbreak of the novel coronavirus had affected everybody’s life. From labours to big firms, it has become difficult for everybody to endure it.

Along with Health, it was also important to fulfil basic necessities. In an effort to reduce the widespread risk of the virus, people started taking safety measures like covering their face with a mask and maintaining social distance. People have basic needs and it became a task to buy essential things and also were worried about the income. To spend, they need to earn. To earn undertaking health and safety measures.

This ecommerce site Lofaz by KothariTech helped a lot of small business owners to create their small online stores by offering them this platform and abiding by Prime Minister’s campaign: “Vocal to Local”.

PM Modi requested the citizens of India to support local business by using and promoting goods that are made in India. After the outbreak of this deadly Covid-19 virus, people are shook and so has the economy of India. By giving platforms to local manufacturers and retailers, it’ll be a great help to surge up the economy. The small shop owners had definitely suffered a great loss but by providing them a platform where they can easily deal with, these small store owners will be more motivated and eventually the economy will get stable.

This e-commerce site that is Lofaz thus gives every local shop owner the platform, without charging a single fee & commission to showcase and sell their products.

All the clients have to do is download Lofaz Digital Dukaan on their devices from the play store.

Lofaz is providing a platform to the small store owners to expand their business online. The procedure to register on the app is easy and Free. The site does not charge any fee whatsoever.

How to use the app:

  1. Download it from the play store. Search for lofaz Digital Dukaan
  2. Register using your mobile number and verify it with the OTP provided.

And the online store is ready.

There are various features on this app for the store owners to operate it without any obstacles. All the features are simple and easy to use.

  1. Profile:

Banners: The store owners can add their store banners about the schemes that they have offered.

Shipping fee: This feature can be used to add the shipping fees for the products. The store owner gets two options of adding the delivery charges. For instance, They can add delivery fee upto ₹500 and free delivery above that.

The best thing is that the application is completely hassle free and so convenient to use.

Share your QR code: The store owner can get the unique QR code of their e-store and can promote it offline too. They can print and paste it in their physical stores. It’s really helpful for the customers to shop online these days and by scanning QR code on their camera will directly drive them to the e-store on the site through Google or Safari.


  1. Catalog: The catalog consists of the product categories that the store supplies. It’s possible for one store to deal with different items and hence, it’ll be easier for the customer to surf.
  2. Products: Here, the products along with the specific details that are added by the store owner are displayed.
  3. Orders account:

So, how will this work? This is again very simple. The orders placed by the customers will appear here. The store owners can check it without having to memorise it or note down on a hard copy.

Home- Order status: After receiving an order, the store owner will get the choice of accepting or declining it. If the stock is ready, the owners can accept it. After having accepted/declining the order, the customer will get a notification from lofaz about it.

After accepting the order, The store owner may take a while to pack and send it for delivery. Until then the order will remain on pending under the pending order status of the e-store. Once the product is ready and sent for the delivery, the store owner can Change the status to shipped. The owner can track the details and after it’s delivered they can change the status to Delivered.

Share link on WhatsApp: E-store owners get an unique link of their store that they can share with their whatsapp contacts or also with other applications.

Payment Gateway: you can add multiple payment option on your own including cash on delivery

✓Lofaz is a user friendly and convenient site to use. The store owners can easily create their e-store without any fee. The e-commerce site does not charge any hidden costs to the users or customers. It’s a completely free platform for the small shop owners to create and sell their products online. Also, the customers who order products through lofaz does not have to pay any extra charges for the purchase.




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