Kingston Technology boosts server performance for a leading Data Centre operator-Hosteur

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Kingston Technology, a world leader of memory products and technology solutions, empowered Hosteur, a leading cloud services provider, with its best-in-class memory and storage solutions.

Hosteur operates multiple Data Centres: two in Southern France, one in Switzerland and one in Bulgaria and is currently developing a new branch in Africa. The company has certified their infrastructure to comply with ISO 27001, and are also compliant with the legislative framework for storage and protection of health data, being validated as a Health Data Host (HDS). With over 10,000 customers on their various systems, Hosteur faced the challenge of a rise in demand for hosting services, which translates to a demand for DRAM and storage solutions to ensure they meet their customers’ needs.

Kingston Technology provided Hosteur with proof-of-concept, pre-serial enterprise class SSDs which allowed them to test the product before implementing it. With the help of Kingston, the company could validate the project much quicker, and place their order and have it delivered and installed in a timely manner. They have set up 300 customers on approximately 2TB of DRAM on a server cluster.

Acknowledging Kingston Technology’s sales and technical team’s prowess, Hosteur’s Chief Information and Security Officer, Sebastian Comte noted that Kingston was able to provide a largequantity of DRAM or SSD with a good balance between speed, durability, andquality, and all at a good price.He stated, “Kingston were chosen for the open mindedness of their sales and technical team. They always take the necessary time to find and deliver the best possible solution for Hosteur. We benefit from Kingston’s 32 years of experience with memory and storage, which comes through the sales and technical teams. We gained more DRAM for the same investment than we would have from an OEM DRAM. We achieved the same quality and better support.”

Kingston Technology has provided Hosteur with 30% more server performance and have helped them obtain better availability. Hosteur have now minimal downtime on their cloud cluster, with their customers in turn benefiting from 99.995% down time throughout the year.

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