Denta Mitra brings a Dentist to your home and offers 24×7 video consultation

Bengaluru, Karnataka [India] : Due to COVID-19, where all dental clinics were closed and driven by the idea of making dental services accessible from anywhere and anytime, awarded Public Health Dentist who is also a Professor in one of the Dental College & Hospital, Dr.Pranjan Mitra started Denta Mitra.

Denta Mitra is a digital clinic, a mobile app that is a one-stop dental care solution. It is a revolution in digital dentistry with state-of-art features like House Call dental team visits, 24×7 Video consultation, artificial intelligence-based mobile diagnosis tool to detect teeth diseases, sweet-score to measure daily sweet consumed, Oral hygiene reminders, e-prescription, and many more.

“By empowering and providing in-house dentists and dental clinics with the mobile app and a portable dental clinic in a suitcase along, Denta Mitra delivers dental care at your doorstep at significantly low costs,” says Dr.Pranjan Mitra, Founder and Chief Medical Officer(CMO). Besides providing affordable dental care, the idea behind ‘a dental clinic in a suitcase’ was also aimed at empowering young dentists’ scores and helping them build a career.

Renowned serial entrepreneur Satyajeet Pradhan who is currently the co-founder and CEO of Bizydale has partnered with Dr.Mitra and heads the Business, Technology, and Operations. He is also a coach for this startup.

Denta Mitra is a Bengaluru-based startup, registered in July 2020, and is the recipient of the Healthcare Excellence Award from Indian Achievers Forum.

During the lockdown, the dental team of Denta Mitra was quite busy and on their toes. They have provided 1000+ video consultations and more than 10 webinars to date. They have recently started house-call visits of dentists, and the home visit service is currently available in Delhi and Punjab.

The startup was founded with Rs 20 Lakhs investment and is currently in discussion with top angel investors to raise the capital for its expansion.

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