God Makes Them (Kids) Cute and Olele® Grows Them in Style!

Noida, Uttar Pradesh [India] : Gone are the days when parents used to grow kids in the clothes of their choice. With the advent of social media, exposure to the outside world and easy access to the internet, “kids fashion” is no more a “parent thing”. Nowadays kids have become more vocal than ever about their fashion choices while parents remain conscious about the quality of clothes, comfort and value for money!

Olele® comes as the problem solver for both – kids and parents. Since its inception in 2015, Olele® has been offering timeless kidswear collection for style conscious 2 to 12 years boys and girls. A collection that is not only being loved by the kids but also is hugely appreciated by the parents across the globe.

Olele has earned praises for its exclusive range of kids’ dungarees & jumpsuits. Amazon.in has awarded Olele® Kids Denim Dungaree  as a “bestseller.” When launched, the product garnered hundreds of positive reviews in no time. Olele’s wide collection includes almost everything from dungarees & jumpsuits to jeans, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, night suits, tops and dresses to jackets and coats.

Considering the parents’ concern at large, Olele® offers full guarantee for quality and claims no-shrinkage, no-bleeding and no-stain kids clothing. In case of any issues,  be it quality related or wrong product delivery, the brand offers Guaranteed 48 Hours Full Refund to its customers.

Over the years, Olele® has set many trends with a unique blend of natural Indian fabric incorporating soothing color, prints and craftsmanship. Their collection is developed based on four basics – international styling, comfort, perfect fit and most importantly, affordability! Olele® offers timeless outfits which make the god-given adorableness stand out while making no compromise on comfort and value.

At present majority of sales comes through its own portal – OleleKids.com. However they’re also selling through all the major e-marketplaces like Myntra, FirstCry, Ajio besides Amazon to name a few. Further, Olele wishes to remain as an online brand and has no plan to expand to the offline retail base despite constant enquiries from LFR (Large Format Retail) sources and MBOs (Multi Brand Outlets). Olele believes that the  future is online and hence its infrastructure is  better prepared to serve customers online than offline retail.

Today, Indian parents are progressively increasing their expenditure on little ones. This extravagance isn’t restricted to just birthday events and special occasions. Parents have multiplied their spending on children, particularly in the food, retail, entertainment, personal care and e-learning avenues. The indian market is an incredible and expanding space for kids fashion who love to wear fashionable clothes and strike a pose! With an expansion of access, double income in families and brand consciousness, Olele is helping young parents to create kid’s fashion statements with its timeless collection.


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