As long as you can, the GIVING should never cease: Ali Merchant, Founder, and CEO, AM Infoweb

Bande Khuda Trust was born out of my need to give back to the community confides Ali Merchant, Founder, and CEO of AM Infoweb.

Pune, Maharashtra [India] : Meet the passionpreneur, mentor, life coach, and philanthropist, Ali Merchant – CEO of AM Infoweb, India’s leading Health Information Management Outsourcing Company. A man who chooses to dedicate his time and resources even amidst his super-busy work schedule to social welfare activities through his non-profit organization – TheBandeKhuda Trust. Ali Merchant was recently conferred with the Maharashtra Samaj Ratna Award 2021 by Shantidoot Pariwar in honor of all his philanthropic initiatives to provide relief and improve the plight of the underprivileged residents of the state.

We bring you an excerpt from an interview with Ali Merchant(Add Link To Name: the occasion of this award ceremony that was also attended by Mr. Shekhar Gaikwad (IAS) Office of Commissioner of Sugar Maharashtra State, Mr. Sadanand Wayse Patil (IPS), Mr. Madhavrao Sanap (IPS), Mr. VitthalJadhav (IPS), Ms. BhagyashreeNavtake (IPS) and the likes.

How does it feel to be awarded for your philanthropic activities?

“I appreciate the recognition and am happy to receive this prestigious award. It is not just an acknowledgment of my effort but also an indicator of how much organizations like ShantidootPariwardo for the welfare ofunderprivileged citizens and their efforts to encourage all those with resources to work for the betterment of those in need.”

Do tell us more about the Bande Khuda Trust and what motivated you to establish it in the first place?

Ali says, “I have always been passionate about doing something to bring a change in the lives of all those people I see struggling to access the very basic necessities of life around me. So Bande Khuda Trust was born out of my desire to give back to the society. I realized I had the resources to implement my ideas and consider it a privilege to be able to do what I’m doing. The Bande Khuda Trust is a non-profit social welfare organization that aims at helping the underprivileged with their basic needs, medical aid, creating access to livelihood earning opportunities, and childcare and educational initiatives. There is so much that can be achieved through kindness. The world will always need it. Above all, if it gives you a sense of peace and tranquility, and also adds more meaning to your life, why not?”

Being the passionpreneur that you are, how do you find time to dedicate to social welfare?

“Like I always say, you don’t find time but MAKE time for anything that you are passionate about. I gladly dedicate time between my work schedules to stay on top of BandeKhuda Trust’s functioning. As long as you can, the GIVING should never cease. Because at the end of the day, you want to be grateful for what you have, and what better way than expressing your gratitude through your actions!”

“I feel proud that our AM Infoweb family has contributed hugely in my passion through their unending support and efforts”, he adds.

It is truly heartening to know how passionate Ali Merchant is about his philanthropy. His humility and compassion for fellow citizens is equally inspiring. We hope this article encourages our readers to follow on Ali Merchant’s footstepsand do their bit for the society.

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