Top Influencer Shadab Shahid has created a niche for himself in the online world through his funny videos

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Instagram is widely followed by millions worldwide. However, its feeds may sometimes become slightly annoying. But there’s one Social Media Influencer who livens up your Instagram feed is by adding in a bit of humour with his trendy videos. Meet young and stylish – Shadab Shahid who has long mastered the art of comedy videos on the internet. And his hilarious account is sure giving other Influencers a run for their money.

Shadab Shahid is a 23 years old cinematographer and influencer. He has built a strong presence on Instagram fueled by his passion for creating entertaining videos and reels. His funny videos have garnered a huge fan following on various social media platforms. Just recently his reels on Instagram went viral and pulled in almost 7 Million views. His reels were shared by many big brands and app pages. He is already getting offers by apps and brands to make exclusive content for them. This is indeed a notable accomplishment for a young boy like Shahid.

As a young and emerging Instagram star, Shadab takes the video content of social media to new heights. He also partners with major brands to work on creative and impactful influencer marketing initiatives. Shadab has been working for the past couple of years as a DOP and an Influencer. He has made a remarkable name for himself in the field of cinematography too. He has been fortunate to work with many high profile celebrities in the T.V and film industry like Sunil Grover, Zain Imam, Randeep Rai, Parth Samthaan, Vikas Gupta, Niti Taylor, Abhishek Kapur, Ashish Bisht, RJ Naved and many more.

Shadab has worked in many music videos and short films as a DOP. His current project is an interesting  web series and a feature film which is coming up very soon. Talking to Shadab, he says that, ‘I love creating good and funny videos which can be watched and enjoyed by everyone. My future plan is to become a film director. I take inspiration from renowned filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and I wish to be like him.’

His homepage is filled with typical funny videos, enjoyed by the common man in the country. So more than 19k users follow his account for his quirky and humorous feed. Shahid’s posts are guaranteed to make you laugh. So don’t forget to follow him on Instagram.

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