A company grew its business TEN times during covid-19 pandemic using ingenuity and business resilience!

Vadodara, Gujarat [India] : Vadodara-based food startup All That Dips achieved ten times business growth despite covid-19 pandemic through the well-timed launch of gourmet cooking sauce brand Bechef.

Vadodara: The Covid-19 pandemic made tasks difficult for companies, small or big. It has disrupted economic and social normalcy throughout the world. Many successful companies had to shut down operations or cut down businesses overnight. People lost their livelihoods; social connections disappeared with built-up health concerns.

In the middle of this mayhem, the Vadodara-based food startup All That Dips has managed to overcome the pandemic challenge and achieved 10 times business growth. This significant achievement has been possible solely because of the intelligent and well-timed business decisions and product launches.

For over 10 months, country-wide lockdown forced people to stay confined in their homes, while restaurants and food joints remained closed. Food being an obvious choice to spice up our lives and nourish health, everyone started experimenting and attempting to home-cook delicious restaurant-style dishes. Ordinary people – food lovers, bachelors, mothers, or rookie cooks – was trying to be the chefs at their homes.

All That Dips leveraged people’s crave for healthy, nutritious and restaurant-style food at home. They launched their new product line up Bechef. It is a brand of gourmet cooking sauces from cuisines across the world; prepared with farm-fresh ingredients; no colour, flavour or harmful chemical added.

“Food is a sacred business, what we consume has a direct effect on the health of the consumer and hence there lies no room for error and use of inferior quality ingredients on what goes in our products.” – Dr Deep Lodhari, Founder & Director of All That Dips.

Bechef cooking sauces come in various world cuisines, from North African Harissa Sauce to Jamaican Jerk Sauce and Chinese Kung Pao Sauce. The company strictly adhere to the principle of quality over quantity. Only farm-fresh ingredients, directly sourced from farmers markets, are used in preparing Bechef sauces. Production of sauces in small batches ensures that ingredients remain fresh and authentic. Products also taste uniform, and nutrient value remains intact.

Bechef helped the company to survive and grow during the pandemic lockdown. Today, All That Dips has a pan-India reach–Panjab to Kerala and Gujrat to Assam. These gourmet cooking sauces are now available in more than 1000 supermarkets across 13 Indian states contributing over 50% to All That Dips revenue. The word-of-mouth publicity and reorders from satisfied customers, significantly, helped the brand to succeed.

The company gets direct-to-customer business from its presence in online platforms and business-to-business sales through traditional distributions and modern trade format. They also sell products to various restaurants, caterers and hotels in bulk.

For promoting Bechef brand, All That Dips is tieing up with the best chefs in India, engaging consumers through social media interactions, regular online cooking contests and other fun, engaging activities. Sampling and tasting activities in retail stores, malls and societies are also in full swing. The founders have plans to go international by launching the brand in South East Asian and Middle East Markets soon.

All That Dips’ goal for 2021 is to be the fastest-growing company in the healthy foods and condiments category consolidating its presence across the territories in Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities and becoming a national brand.

The story of All That Dips started in 2017 when Dr Deep Lodhari and Mr Dhaval Patel prepared a particular batch of Hummus & Fresh Salsa and sold worth of  ₹50,000/- within just two days in a local market! Both these gentlemen share craziness and passion for good food from across the world; they believe that good food can change the way of life. The initial success with Hummus gave birth to All That Dips. In a short period, the company became a big success. It started supplying fresh dips ranging from Fresh Hummus, Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese Dips, Aiolis and Yogurt in 16 yummy flavours to premium supermarkets across five states. Then covid-19 happened. And their thriving business got stuck with lockdown, closed stores and supermarkets. However, with their ingenuity and entrepreneurial zeal, the founders helped the company overcome the pandemic onslaught. All The Dips launched its gourmet cooking sauce brand Bechef for people willing to home-cook delicious healthy restaurant-styles dishes.

Visit https://www.allthatdips.com  for more details.


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