How This Company is on Track to become the #1 Content Creation Platform on YouTube.

New Delhi [India], May 29: Faceless Automated YouTube Channels are poised to become the most lucrative online investment vehicle on the globe.

After 5 years of dominance, the #1 YouTube Automation team in the world has democratized their “digital asset class” for retail investors to gain access to an asset that is being hailed as an attractive alternative to Crypto & NFT’s. Here’s how it works:

  1. The YTA team presents the client with a selection of niches on YouTube that have a proven potential for intense viral performances. This is backed by years of trend analysis insights and over 6 figures in trend recognition software development.
  2. They then hire, manage, and tailor an agency of branding and social media experts to strategize and execute an optimal content calendar.
  3. The team pours excruciating detail into optimizing the channel for virality: leading to exorbitant monetization via passive ad revenue for the lifetime of the channel.

By the numbers:

  • More than 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by its recommendation algorithm
  • YouTube video influencers with 500k+ followers charge, on average, $3857 per video
  • 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices
  • YouTube’s Ad revenue in 2020: $19 Billion
  • 55% of all that revenue goes to the owners of those YouTube channels

A quarter of the human population watches content on YouTube every single month.

If there is one truth that has emerged in the wake of the global pandemic, it’s that the Digital Economy is here to stay.

And upon closer surveyance of any of the modern Titans of Industry: Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Snapchat all embodied a pattern of being early-movers to a new method of capitalizing — from human attention and desire. The YTA team is no different in this sense.

Their investors share an understanding that in the midst of 2020, the collective consciousness of the world has aggregated onto YouTube. With no end in sight, a portfolio of well-managed & monetized YouTube channels could become a safer bet to place than the conventional Blue-Chip Stock.

Automated Faceless YouTube channels are the conduit through which pioneering investors are poised to obtain an excess of six-figure returns over the coming decade.

And the company pioneering this for the everyday investor is YTA.

Previously, their 140+ person content production team only worked with ultra private investors strictly through word of mouth. But now that they’re opening up to the public, their results and proven track record has created a long line of investors fighting for their spot.

And truthfully, after verifying their almost unbelievable track record, it left us feeling the same way:

  • They have 125+ active partners/investors
  • Their 140+ person team creates 500-700 videos every single day
  • They’re able to guarantee instant monetization for every single investor (meaning investors lucky enough to be accepted start seeing returns on they’re very first video)
  • Their investors are earning well over $12,000,000/year (and that’s excluding many of their biggest and most private partners who we aren’t at liberty to disclose numbers for)
  • Their videos reached over 1 billion people last year alone and are on track for 2.5-3 billion views this year

They built a reputation even the most sceptical investors and analysts can’t help but trust. And the people behind it, Caleb Maddix and Ryan O’Donnell, just further its already overwhelming credibility.

Caleb Maddix and Ryan O’Donnell are some of the most strategic business minds of our generation and are 2 business partners and lifelong friends who bonded over their desire to impact kids and solve massive world problems.

But what is more impressive than the multiple 8 figures they’ve generated online or the fact they created one of the largest private, non government backed, kids education companies on the planet outside of YTA is the heart, mission, and core values they operate their companies with.

This is why news publications around the world are going crazy now that they have finally opened up YTA to a small handful of everyday investors.


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