Elegance Enterprises, a Bangalore based property consultancy launches a new concept: an online marketplace dedicated to farmlands

Bangalore, Karnataka [India]: Since the start of the lockdown from March 2020, a lot of things have changed in India and the real estate industry is no exception. One of many changes that the realtors have experienced during this period is the rise in the demand of farmlands, farmhouses and vacation homes. This is due to the fatigue people have experienced living in the cities with restricted movements. The ambitions of owning a bigger home, the aspirations of getting closer to nature are taking over.

This shift in the mindset and requirements of buyers quickly got the attention from the big players of the business as they started their journey with managed farming development. This change was helped by the relaxation in farmland ownership laws in a few states making it the perfect timing. In fact, this particular niche in the industry has seen around 70-80% year on year growth in the last year.

But there was one problem that people were facing. Despite the constant launches of projects in this niche, investors weren’t able to find the right projects for themselves easily. They didn’t know which concept or what type of land to choose or whom to trust.

Elegance Enterprises claims to have found the solution as they launched their online marketplace for farmlands, farmhouses and vacation homes. The platform is named as FARMLAND BAZAAR and you can visit it at www.farmlandbazaar.com and it will act as an online platform for managed farmlands, farmhouses, estate properties and vacation homes. This will make it easier for investors to browse, compare and choose from various projects and that too at one single platform.

The Company claims to foresee a sizable market share in listings in the coming few months. Notably, Elegance Enterprises has been in business for 9 years and has a fair share of hold and connections in the real estate industry. So, this website can turn out to be a great bridge between farmland owners and investors if things go as per predictions. The people at Elegance have themselves claimed that Bangalore is just a pilot city of the journey and by this time next year- the website would have a catalogue of around 1000+ projects. The website will offer services for farmlands, managed farmlands, farmhouses as well as vacation homes.

Moderated by Amit Porwal, a leader of the industry and Director of Elegance- the event of launch of the platform was in itself an epitome of the potential that the project has. Elegance is a member of CREA(I)- Confederation of Real Estate Associates (India)& NAR- National Association of Realtors and the support from both the organizations could be seen. Pradeep Joe, the founder and chairman of CREA(I) himself was the chief guest at the well-executed webinar.

What made the webinar an all-round success was the quality of discussions and facts shared along with the massive reach. 3700+ people had notably registered for the event and the peak attendance was around 2400. This is an achievement for the whole of the Indian Real Estate fraternity as such an event has never been recorded before where this many people came to learn about real estate.

Other dignitaries who spoke on the event were- Salman Khalid, Managing Director of Redifice Developers, Ravi Kant and Pavan Tripathi, the two founders of Elegance Enterprises and the four panelists namely- Amit Hardi, S.C. Tripathi, Veena Krishnan and S. Sunil Kumar. All of these people shared their valuable insights and experiences. Ravi Kant & Pavan talked about their vision and ambitions related to the project while the panel answered the problems people face when it comes to anything related to farmlands.

Amit Hardi, CEO of Nukebox Studios- a gaming company shared how his experience as a farmland enthusiast has been being from a completely unrelated background. Veena, a Real Estate Lawyer with 20+ years of experience in real estate laws spoke of the legal rights and wrongs of farmland deals. While Mr.Tripathi and Mr. Kumar shared their grassroot level knowledge of developing, managing and nurturing a farmland being an agricultural scientist, and a managed farmland developer respectively.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/Nf_EgWlesDY



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