A hilarious antidote to the pandemic gloom: The book What The Pandemic Learned From Me launched worldwide

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], June 16: Bangalore-based Advertising Creative Director, Anindita Das’s debut book, What The Pandemic Learned From Me has been launched on all leading e-commerce platforms. The book was announced by Evincepub Publication as the author’s modest pursuit to deliver a little relief and diversion from the pandemic’s grim realities.

The prevalent environment of melancholy, the endless churning of social media obituaries, the gnawing fear of the virus, and the scary statistics on media were taking a toll on the mental health of most people. This inspired the author to write something that could help alleviate the situation. Like many others living away from home and coping with the challenges of surviving alone for more than a year, the author too searched for creative distractions. The result of this was many big or small discoveries about herself and a reassessment of life in general.

Commenting on the book, Anindita says, “There is no easy way to deal with the effects and side-effects of the pandemic, but I wanted my book to offer to do whatever it could in providing some respite to people running out of new ways to amuse themselves. Considering the fear of bad news was constantly looming on the periphery, the book helped me maintain a semblance of sanity, and I hope that readers enjoy it as well.”

The book is an easy mix of the author’s personal blunders and mind-boggling human behavior in general, strung together by a series of hilarious open letters. It’s also an attempt to reaffirm the need for a good laugh to help deal with the doom and gloom that now surrounds our lives. Priya Shiva Kumar, National Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson added, “Consider yourself invited to a ringside view of the pandemic the way you’ve never seen it before, as Anindita goes a few rounds with it, exploring its quirky, daily, funny side through a series of letters. These letters are random unexpected insights gift wrapped in a generous dose of humour and delivered to you in a voice that sometimes confides, sometimes shares but always entertains.”

Each letter picks up a relatable theme of our lockdown life – be it our obsession with baking banana bread, growing out our beards, or finding the fanciest holiday homes in Goa. What comes out, is a light and delightful offering that anyone experiencing the pandemic era shouldn’t miss. Publisher Vikram adds about the book, “We saw great merit in publishing this book, it is not only relevant for the times we are in, but it also has important messages on self-preservation and healing, packed into a fresh and equally entertaining book.”

Some important information:

  • It’s a collection of letters addressed to the most unlikely of recipients, filled with pithy observations, irreverent and ruthless humor about the little idiosyncrasies of life in lockdown.
  • Each of these perfectly bite-sized letters is a wonderful accompaniment to the massive mood swings that are our reality in the times of corona.
  • The book is part memoir, part random lists, and part mean musings.
  • It celebrates the ability to find humor in unexpected predicaments and life in general.

Anindita Das is a Senior Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Bangalore and has extensive experience working for leading advertising agencies across the country like Dentsu Impact, Cheil Worldwide, and former M&C Saatchi. She has launched and relaunched several iconic brands and partnered with some of the hottest businesses. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, her work has been awarded several times for creativity and effectiveness. She has a penchant for insightful campaigns focused on gender-sensitive issues, healthcare, and education sectors. In this context, she is also volunteering for a school focused on uplifting marginalized and economically backward students in the remote northeastern region of India through innovative mind mapping techniques.

More details at: www.authoranindita.com


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