Suntech Interiors Levelling Up the Next Interior Designing Market in India

Entrepreneur Couple – R S Bahl & Sadhna Bahl

Chandigarh (Punjab and Haryana) [India], July 14: Another name making constant success in the interior world is of this Power couple, heading Suntech Interiors. This levelling up company is founded by Mr. R.S. Bahl and Mrs. Sadhna Bahl. What started as an honest beginning for the power couple in 1997, right from contributing their effort into a small interior business, to what the whole of India knows today, recognizes itself as the most promising personalized interior design company of the time. Being situated on the Northern side – their journey sets an ideal example of true entrepreneurship! Aah sorry! ‘Coupletrepreneurship’!

With the motto of “Customized interior design for all”, the current owners of Suntech Interiors started working on their dream project by crafting the interiors using the best-suited materials, modifying them ergonomically, and matching the textures according to the rough and tough environmental situation of India.

Being an architect, Mr. Bahl, the founder of this interior company, had struggled for the last 43 years to build a compact place where everyone can get superior quality home interiors. Why the couple has been famous these days is due to their work approach! They are renowned amongst celebrities and governmental organisations, for having been designed and monitored such vital projects, which further added to this profit-making company!

As per our interview with them, what we rightly figured out from them is the work culture that includes a specific routine of taking care of the materials and the aesthetic designs, leading them to let the designed establishment live longer. With the division of work sections, Mrs. Sadhna Bahl gives special attention to colour selection and landscape grooming, thereby giving uniqueness to each of their projects.

“I don’t believe in use & throw, rather I believe that everything should be made for a lifetime, so we give that effort to produce the interiors ergonomically and utility-wise helpful for everyone” Mr. R.S. Bahl quoted.

Interior designs from the modular kitchen to wardrobe, they created a one-stop customized shop for everyone and shown their craftsmanship everywhere.

“As per our experience in this interior world, we can say that one should never design for the outside looks which have no utility. The first priority is increasing the utility for human beings, and all the dimensions are to be ergonomically fit as per the client’s convenience. So human touch should always be there into it to make them user friendly,” The power couple quoted.

A lot of newcomers in the town follow this couple’s working strategy of showing utmost value to their team members, and that of never compromising with their clients!

With their vision of ensuring ‘Quality living for all’, they developed productive plans of interior designing for the MIG & LIG people, both! Understanding their role as a peaceful dwelling provider, Mrs. Sadhna Bahl has adopted issues that address the women community’s grievances, when it comes to their part of Homemaking. One of the famous projects that took everyone’s attention was their agenda of introducing the clients, the two types of the kitchen where a house-maker (majorly females doing Moderate physical work) can work alone with enough relaxation. Another type was the kitchen where the housemaid (females doing extreme physical work) can work properly. All she has been doing for the last 25 years, just to make a healthy impact on the home interiors for everyone, and believes in promoting gender sensitivity while running out her venture.

“We always visit the sites personally to understand the client’s requirement to deliver the trust they put in Suntech. So, we value that,” Mrs. Sadhna Bahl added.

Their work has covered most of the places in India and was awarded for superior craftsmanship and design intelligence by several well-known platforms. Their son, Mr. Harshit Bahl, a Mechanical Engineer also joined their team for expanding its progress to other regions and carrying their legacy forward. Visit to know more.

‘SUNTECH WOMEN’ Empowering women to lead a dignified life

Going forward the power couple discussed their plans to launch a platform – ‘SUNTECH WOMEN’, where they will be giving free training to the unprivileged young minds on how they can easily acquire the perfect interior designing knowledge and establish themselves to be great in this field. Here was how they are leading this industry with hands-on experience and humanitarian emotions at their core.


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