52 Badmashi with Kabir Saheb Ji

July 23: Even after seeing so many miracles, Peer Sheikh Taki was not shying away from his tactics. By misleading the king through his words, Kabir Saheb Ji was given 52 Kasani (52 Badmashi). Yet nothing happened to Him because Kabir Saheb Ji was a true saint. Sheikh Taki gathered thousands of Muslims and said that we will put Kabir in a pan of boiling oil. If He does not die, then we will accept that He is a Baakhabar of Allah (Tatvadarshi Saint). Kabir Saheb was called after boiling the pan of oil. Kabir Saheb Himself sat in the pan. Everyone was waiting for Kabir Saheb to get burnt but He sat comfortably in boiling oil as if sitting in a bathtub filled with cold water and showed everyone that He is real Satguru.

Sheikh Taki became more jealous of Kabir Saheb and instead of apologizing to Him, he made the next plans to kill Kabir Saheb, such as trying to kill by drowning in Ganga, trying to kill with a bloody elephant, trying to kill by cutting with a sword, etc. Thus Kabir Saheb was given 52 Kasanis i.e. He was tried to be killed 52 times but He was not harmed because Kabir Saheb was a complete saint which means that He had all the powers of the Supreme God (Sat Purush).

Signs of adulteration in Kabir Sagar by Kabir Saheb Ji

Kabir Saheb Ji made the scripture “Kabir Sagar” composed by His beloved disciple Dharma Das Ji. In this divine holy scripture, Kabir Saheb Ji has also given hints of adulteration in the future. On page 136 of Kabir Sagar, Kabir Saheb is referring to Dharmadas Ji.

Samvat Satrah so Chauhattar Hoyi, Ta Din Prem Prakatiyo Soyi ||

Barahve Panth Prakat Ho Vaani, Shabd Hamare Ka Nirnay Thaani ||

Asthir Ghar Ka Marm Ni Paave, Ye Barah Panth Humhi Ko Dhyavein ||

Barahve Panth Hum Hi Chal Aave,Sab Panth Met Ek Hi Panth Chalave||

Kabir Saheb Ji said that whoever takes initiation from the twelve panths that will run in the name of Kabir Saheb Ji will not attain complete salvation, because Kabir Sagar will be adulterated by fake gurus. Kabir Saheb has indicated that in the twelfth Panth He will re-reveal His voice by Sant Garibdas Ji, He will make His supreme spiritual knowledge re-written in the form of Sadgranth Sahib (Garibdas Vani). In the Kabir Charitra Bodh of Kabir Sagar, on page 1870, proof of the same can be found.

Kabir Sagar Kabir Vani Page No 136-137.

Dharmadas Mori Lakh Duhai,Ye Mul Gyan Kite Bahar Na Jaayi||

Mul Gyan Bahar Jo Parhi, Bichli Peedhi Hans Ni Tarhi ||

Tentis Arab Gyan Hum Bhaakha, Mul Gyan Hum Gupt Hi Raakha ||

Mul Gyan Tab Tak Chiipai, Jab Tak Dvadash Panth Na Mit Jaai||

Please visit supremegod.org to find out more on all the divine play of Supreme Almighty God Lord Kabir as described in the Vedas.

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