Yogpathic’s Master Trainer, Anand Shrivastava Developed an App to make yoga accessible to all

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 6: The master trainer, Anand Shrivastava, who launched Yogpathic online app, is all set to launch a phenomenal yoga studio in Mumbai. To empower people with ancient yoga practices, experiences, and secrets through the futuristic platform.

As a Celebrity Coach and Meditation Expert, Anand has hosted several phenomenal online yoga classes over zoom, yoga retreats, yoga workshops, and private yoga sessions for international clients. The Personal Yoga Coach provides his clients with the most enlightening yoga training and sessions.

Yogpathic is the official online platform through which, Anand gets up close with his versatile clientele. He aims to form a pure connection with the online app users for their overall well-being. Be it mental, physical, or spiritual.

The Yogpathic app has transformed the lives of thousands of yoga seekers across the globe. The app makes a must-have for ultimate yoga sessions with its energizing, inviting, motivational, generous, and engrossing yoga training. Now learning with a master trainer is made easy with the Yogpathic app.

Uniqueness and variety in yoga sessions are what make the wonderful platform stand out. Exclusive yoga experiences will no longer feel a privilege with the useful yoga live session app, Yogpathic.

Most Yogpathic app users share a positive experience with excellent outcomes. They claim that the app incorporates the goodness of mind, body, and soul through mindfulness, alignments, consciousness, advanced asanas, deep understanding, and practical instructions.

Anand Shrivastava, ex-founder of the incredible online yoga and live sessions platform, Apna Yoga, says, “Transformation is a significant aspect of our life. As a master yoga trainer, my goal has always been to create flow instead of going with the flow. That’s the biggest reason I aim to help people explore their inner bliss.” His energetic transformations confidently speak of his 24 year-experience as a self-practitioner.

Anand was motivated to take up yoga by his grandfather when he was just 8 years old. He shares, “Every person has their own story for joining yoga. For me, it all started with a snake charmer show at the village fair.” He further shares, “The snake charmer remained unbitten all the times in his deadly play. This made me question my grandfather how? His answer was yes even you can do this if you do meditation. So, that’s it.”

Over the years, his widening interest in yoga helped him find the solution for the most strenuous pains, struggles, instabilities, and distractions. This inspired him more strongly than ever. So, he decided to observe, learn, and explore the ancient field of yoga. He studied various ancient scripts and textures to understand the ancient form of yoga and its benefits.

Today, Anand has made a name for himself at the global level. He holds RYT-500hrs by International Yoga Alliance USA, in Ashtanga Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga. Through his new studio ApnaYoga, he plans to take over the ongoing and upcoming generations on a journey to a positive life transformation. From therapeutic yoga to yoga for athletes, the studio will serve the best-crafted sessions and gatherings.

Check out the Yogpathic website https://www.yogpathic.com/


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