NeelDavid’s Salon – the New Venture in Beauty

New Delhi, August 31: Neel David’s salon was established in Kathmandu by the renowned hairstylist Neeldavid Katwal, who is commencing his first franchise outlet in the Southern part of India in Hyderabad. The date is set for September 2nd, 2021.

Neel David is a premium service salon that holds expertise in taking care of your needs and helping you becomes confident and trendy with the new styles. The brand has been expanding all over India with the motive of fresh fashion. This salon gives clients proper grooming and confidence, making them fall in love with themselves and help others keep up with the trend and, in some cases, establish new trends through bold experimentation.

DeepsikhaChaudary, who acquired the franchise in Hyderabad, will inaugurate the outlet on September 2nd, 2021, in P & T Colony in Secunderabad.

The second outlet is scheduled to be inaugurated on September 9th, 2021, in Tarnaka, Secunderabad by Mr. Satish.

For people from small villages, it is difficult to get into the fashion business as the opportunities in villages are comparatively a lot lower than in the cities. Getting access to training in this particular field, connectivity with the proper clients is very difficult for people. He was born in a small village in Nepal named JhapaLaxmipur and always dreamt of working in a glamour-related field. He tried to materialize this dream by spending his academic years abroad, but various embassies rejected his visa. But he never lost hope, and, with the support of his British godfather, David Vinall, he joined the industry. After a lot of struggle and the best of his efforts, he tried to build his brand.

Neeldavid’s brand is about showcasing his salon and academy brand at the franchise India expo on 4 and 5 September at the JW Marriott Hotel, Delhi.

NeeldavidKatwal is a sensation now with his innovations in the field of exclusive salons. NeeldavidKatwal will be in Delhi on September 25th, 2021, as one of the celebrity guest speakers at MS Talks India at Le Meredinne Hotel Delhi. He’ll be sharing his life journey at this event as well as his many upcoming salon franchise outlets that are in the pipeline waiting for the launch; four in Kathmandu, one in Jammu, one in Cooch Behar in West Bengal, and one in Assam. Not only this, but he’s also launching his Neeldavid’s professional academy and Neeldavids salon lounge in Planet Mall Sevoke Road, Siliguri, on October 1st, 2021, which will be an All India franchise salon model and franchise office.

A brand becomes unique when it works for social causes and has several social responsibilities. The speciality of the Neeldavids brand is that Neeldavids work for several social reasons too. Some percentage of the franchise will go to the CSR of Neeldavid’s firm that supports the training of workers in hair beauty and makeup products for underprivileged people. Starting from the training of around 50 underprivileged students and providing them with placement, this brand is always doing its bit for the welfare of people and other social responsibilities. Any venture takes a lot of hard work and effort to flourish. NeeldavidKatwal worked hard, and his journey from an average person in a small village to an internationally acclaimed hairstylist was not easy. Now his brand is one of the fastest-growing brands. NeeldavidKatwal aims to work with students and train them. He plans to train more than 2 lakh students within 2025 and open more than 350 franchises all over the globe. One of the main reasons this brand is loved and admired by so many people is because it takes pride in training underprivileged students and provides several job opportunities for them. This is one of the best qualities of Neel Davids Salon.

NeelDavid has now expanded his venture and has claimed exceptional appreciation and love in India and Nepal. The journey of Neel David is loved and admired by all, and everybody sees him as an icon as he has claimed accolades for his arduous work, dedication, and passion over the years. The plan is to settle the venture in the upcoming days and expand it to several other states. The salon keeps the customer’s needs as the prime concern, and not only that, hygiene is maintained to the utmost level in this luxurious salon.

A brand becomes unique when it works for social causes and has several social responsibilities. The speciality of the Neeldavids brand is that Neeldavids work for several social reasons. Starting from the training of around 50 underprivileged students and providing them with placement, this brand is always doing its bit for the welfare of people and other social responsibilities.

About NeelDavid:

Mr. NeeldavidKatwal, a well-known celebrity hairstylist and cosmetic artist, created this salon. He is the first person from Nepal to achieve international acclaim as a hairstylist who set haircut records while blindfolded with razors and scissors. Neeldavids is now a prominent unisex salon brand in Nepal and India, with over 50 franchisees already in operation, thanks to his unwavering dedication and hard work.


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