Shiva Murugesh: India’s Rising Hairstylist

September 8: Indian celebrity hairstylist and hairdresser Shiva Murugesh has come a long way from where he had started. Coming from a small village in Tamil Nadu to working with international salons worldwide, he has undoubtedly succeeded in living his dream!

Shiva Murugesh

This 33-year-old hairstylist started his career with BBlunt India, from where he moved to luxury brand Rossano Ferreti as an international hairstylist. And even before he knew it, he was travelling all around working with famous celebrities, models, actors, global players, and royal clients!

But this has not been Shiva’s life all along. Even though he comes from a small village in Tamil Nadu, Shiva has made it international. His skills are natural, and it runs in his genes. His grandfather used to be a barber and his father started his first salon, where he developed his skills and moved to Bangalore to become what he is now a successful celebrity hairdresser in India.

In his 12 years of expertise, he has worked on cruises all around Miami, Mexico, New York, and Canada. Now, he has moved back to his roots in India and looked after hair designing and styling of stars and members of the elite Indian society.

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