Granny’s Store: A Small Step for Your Health, A Giant Leap for Indian Cuisine

October 01: Sachin Kumar’s nomadic childhood ensured that he lived in about sixteen states across India in his formative years. This became a foundational experience for him in understanding the geographically diverse profile of Indian cuisine. He was not a tourist blindly following an itinerary but a native son who was immersing himself in the ocean of Indian cuisine for a culinary baptism.

It is this experience that gave him deep insights into the larger questions plaguing the dietary habits of Indians. Why is it that despite living in the era of super-foods India is gaining notoriety for being the disease capital of the world? If our culinary heritage has already provided us with answers to many of the ills we suffer from why is it that those solutions are hard for consumers to seek? Why is it that the Indian farmer is still impoverished despite our country becoming self-sufficient in food-grain production? Granny’s is Sachin Kumar’s initiative to unwaveringly answer these questions.

The science that drives Indian cuisine is subtle yet ubiquitous which responds to the changing weather and regional variations of the Indian landscape. The logic of Indian cuisine is a precise mixture which is intended to keep the body and mind healthy. Despite the many dietary fads that arrived and vanished on the Indian shore traditional Indian food has not only survived but thrived. Modern medical science has been a blessing for the human race and has helped drastically improved the average life expectancy but it would be a mistake to regard it as a panacea to all health issues that we are confronted with today that are a result of our lifestyle.

Pressures of feeding a population of over a billion people had forced Indian agriculturists to adopt large-scale and at times indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers during after the Green Revolution. These shifts invariably influenced the dietary profile of Indians resulting in an overdependence of wheat and rice rather than millets and abandoning of ghee to adopt refined oils.

Granny’s wants to take consumers back to the much simpler times of their grandparents where food tasted better and sickness was treated at home using nani ke nuskhe without necessitating a visit to the doctor. Its twin goal is to bring back the purity and taste which one associates with the culinary skills of our grandmothers while ensuring ethical use of environmental resources. The eponymous app is a platform for everyone: farmers, Farmer Produce Organizations (FPO’s), SME’s, and Agri-Start Ups. It will act as a link between those who produce perishables in the traditional mould and consumers who would prefer preparing food which improves their health holistically.  Granny’s has stringent testing norms for the products it procures from individuals who have already made a name for themselves to rejuvenate indigenous methods of producing food items before they receive organic certification. It does not aspire to be a mere online grocery store but a platform where those passionate about reviving our dietary heritage can join forces to bring back pure, organic, and desi  food items.

Granny’s has affiliations with farmers, FPO’s, Agri-prenuers whereby it will provide the latter with the company logo, packaging assistance, branding and marketing expertise while acting as a sales platform. The final logistical hurdle of delivering the product to our consumers will also be taken care of by Granny’s. The feedback loop that we receive from our customers will be used in calibrating the app and the products to cater to their needs and by doing this consumers would help in increasing the income of over 10,000 Indian farmers.

We offer products in a wide range of categories: Oils, Ghee, Honey, Spices, Salts, Jaggery, Pulses, Dry Fruits, Pickles, Vegetables, Fruits, Flours, Rice and Rice Products, Personal Care, Beauty, Ayurveda, Wellness, Lifestyle Tea and Gardening products.

Join Granny’s in this step to revolutionize not only your health but the very fabric of our food eating habits.

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