Sanav, 8-year-old Indian creates World Record

Dubai (UAE), November 29: Sanav Ramsankar, a 8-year-old, from Tamil Nadu, India and a blessed resident of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, created a World Record on 23rd November 2021 by reciting salient details of 186 Rivers from around the world covering the continents, length in kilometres, outflow/destination and countries each river flows through.

This record was administered through a virtual live event on 23rd November 2021 at 4:30 pm GST (6:00 pm IST) and was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. During the event, Sanav recited the details of all the 186 world rivers in 15 mins 53 seconds and became the first in the world to create the “World Record” in this newly created category.

Sanav is deeply interested in learning about geography and general landmarks in particular. To expand his knowledge, he has been avidly collecting and learning information through various sources from the Internet. Sanav also can recount the capitals and currencies of 196 countries. Noticing his talent and capabilities, his parents engaged Mr. Sushant Mysorekar (Founder of Brain Rhyme Pvt. Ltd., Singapore and an Internationally certified Intelligence Coach) to coach Sanav, and thus the journey towards this world record started.

It started about two months back under the mentorship of Mr. Sushant Mysorekar. Since then, Sanav has been training in memorizing the details through a combination of cognitive mindset and several creative learning and memory tools and techniques.

A Grade Three student from GEMS The Millennium School (Indian CBSE Curriculum), Dubai, Sanav has put in around 60 hours of work to memorize the world river systems and its details.

Sanav shares the credit of his maiden world record achievement with his mentor and his parents. He says, ‘They have encouraged and worked hard to balance my day-to-day activities and priorities! They helped me practice effectively over the entire period.’

Sanav believes in “Work hard; have fun; learn from mistakes; make history!” and during the event, he conveyed a wonderful message – “Hard work never fails.”

Sanav loves his family comprising of his father, Ramsankar Rajendra Raja, from Tamil Nadu, India, a banking technology professional; his mother Aswini, a homemaker and his ever-playful younger brother, 3-year-old Sajiv.

Interestingly, Sanav also loves to play chess and soccer. He has earned medals and certifications from various internal tournaments in Dubai. His aim is to achieve international norms in chess. In addition, Sanav is a Brown Belt holder in Karate and is working towards receiving Black Belt at the earliest. He has also recently opened his own YouTube channel.

Link of World Record Virtual event:

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