Filaantro: Crowdfunding for a Cause

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 04: Filaantro is an online crowdfunding platform helping individuals and organisations to raise funds by collecting donations. Founded in 2019 by Mr Jiji John, Mr Sunil Varghese, Mr Jugender Singh and Mr Rajendra Pathak, Filaantro is leading with the vision of connecting individuals and communities through their platform and inspiring them to raise funds for the greater good.

Filaantro works on a Pan India basis to help and guide those who need monetary support for personal and social causes that are legal in nature. Filaantro offers a unique approach to closely monitor each campaign on its platform and help the campaigner adopt the best crowdfunding practices.

Filaantro helps the campaigner to strengthen their online presence by offering value-added services like website development, website up-gradation, creation and maintenance of social media handles and campaign support on social media platforms.

Talking about Filaantro and its working, Spokesperson, Co-Founder and CEO of Mr. Jiji John said, “We at Filaantro, verify and make sure all of the campaigns are genuine!  It is a priority and vital to us that our crowdfunding platform is safe for both campaigners and donors. We would like our audience to know that we are establishing ourselves to become India’s largest hassle-free crowdfunding platform to raise funds for the causes that one believes in. We support the vision of the campaigner and guide them to make it a reality.”

He further said, “Our mission is to help the campaigners achieve their goals through trust, transparency and simplicity. We firmly believe that to raise funds from donors; one needs to provide transparency, trust and integrity. Together is how we can grow and build a better community.”

Registration and publishing campaigns on Filaantro is free of charge. They also provide 24*7 support to the campaigners and donors. Raising funds on Filaantro is a four-step easy process.

  • Register on their Online Crowdfunding Website
  • Start a fundraiser
  • Share your fundraiser
  • Withdraw your funds

They help raise funds for multiple causes such as for Animals, Arts & Media, Children, Community, Education, Elderly, Emergencies, Environment, Human Rights, Medical, Memorials, Rural Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Sports, Technology, Women, Covid19 Relief, Personal Causes, Individual, Alliances, and Religion.

Filaantro, during Covid19, through various online campaigns, successfully raised funds online to help the frontline workers with PPE kits and safety gear. They helped underprivileged people with ration kits, cooked meals and medical kits during the lockdown.

Filaantro has supported more than 100 medical campaigns for multiple partner NGOs.

Many stray animals found it difficult to sustain themselves amidst the lockdown due to the lack of food availability in public spaces. Filaantro, through various campaigns, successfully raised funds to support the voiceless animals.

Calamity relief organisations have also successfully raised funds through Filaantro to help people stuck in natural calamities like floods, cyclones and landslides. Filaantro has successfully raised funds to support children’s education and provide more than 2000 meals daily to the underprivileged.

Filaantro acts as a helping hand for the campaigners by providing fundraising mentorship, tele campaigning support and training & capacity-building support to organisations. They also offer consultancy to Non-Government Organizations on effective social media strategies to run successful fundraising campaigns on their crowdfunding platform.

Filaantro’s campaigns have been supported and endorsed by celebrities like Raveena Tandon and Manish Paul. One can reach out for their crowd-funding needs to Filaantro through Social media, WhatsApp, emails, and calls. Filaantro also receives references from successful campaigners. They have a support team that responds to all the Filaantro related queries.

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