Wudzo CEO Varun Raveendran Announced New Expansion Plans

December 8: Bangalore based Wudzo Home Interiors has announced its expansion plans for 2022. The luxurious brand is already one of the best Interior designers in Bangalore and is taking steps to reach the top of the industry. Wudzo is now building a new mega modular factory in Bangalore and plans to launch more interior design experience centres in the city. The company is putting in the best of its efforts to fulfil the needs of homemakers, which is the key for Wudzo to boost its business.

The high-end interior design company is also expected to create new work opportunities, which comes as good news for those who have become unemployed during the current pandemic.

The new expansion plans have been announced by Wudzo CEO Varun Raveendran. The company’s COO Manoj Martin teamed up with Varun Raveendran to launch the design firm ‘Wudzo,’ in the year 2017.

Wudzo Home Interiors builds a new mega modular factory, plans to open new experience centres

Wudzohas has already become one of the top makers ofInterior designers in Bangalore as the demand for its aesthetically pleasing furniture grows. But, Wudzo has refused to rest on its laurels and is now building a new mega modular factory in Bangalore. The company also plans to spend Rs. 50 croreson its business and R&D by the next year.

Wudzo already has a 5000 sqft based in Peenia, Bangalore, where it produces Interior designer and is building a new  25000 sq ft modular factory in Horamavu, Bangalore, at the moment. The company has recently received an undisclosed amount of funding from its current investors, which Wudzo will use to build the new factory.

The new mega modular factory would help Wudzo better serve its customers, as it would allow the company to deliver Interior designers to its customers effectively and on time.

Wudzo has also been expanding its business through interior design experience centers in Bangalore. The company has launched a new experience center in the city recently and is planning to launch new ones in the days to come. Wudzo’s experience centers provide the customers with the feel of a real home where they can touch and feel the fabric and design. The company has designed its experience centers like a home with kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. Wudzo already has two such centres in HSR Layout and HRBR Layout. This helps customers understand the materials the company uses and its design process.

Wudzo has also introduced technical developments in its interior design services by launching AR features. This allows the customers to make a better buying decision by visualizing their home décor.

Wudzo to create more jobs, gives priority to its workforce

Covid-19 has wrecked the financial health of our country, as many people have been rendered jobless. But, the expansion plans of growth-minded companies like Wudzo bring hope for such people. Wudzo currently employs more than 50 people. The company is now planning to double its teams in 2022.

Wudzo understands that a mentally fit employee is the key to a company’s growth. Apart from its own growth plans, the company is also focused on the mental health of its employees and prioritizes their welfare.

With the help of its dynamic workforce, Wudzo has successfully delivered over 500 homes between January-December, 2021. The company is fast expected to become one of the top 10 Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, as it looks to beautify 1000 more homes with its state-of-the-art interior design services and Interior designer in 2022.

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