PruTech Solutions Earns Great Place To Work® Certification

PruTech Solutions India receives the certification; demonstrates commitment to organization’s culture

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 16: – PruTech Solutions, an IT services company, is excited and proud to be Great Place to Work- Certified™. The esteemed Great Place to Work® Certification denotes a great, positive work culture and employee experience.

Great Place to Work® Institute is a globally recognized authority on employee experience and workplace culture. To attain the Great Place to Work® Certification™, an employee survey is conducted by Great Place to Work® Institute to gauge the state of a company’s work culture. At PruTech India, 90% of the employees feel respected that the management practices in the workplace are fair, whereas 91% take pride in their work and the company.

Executive Vice President of PruTech Solutions India, Ambika Prasad Mohapatra, said “Receiving this recognition from Great Place to Work® Institute is a moment of pride for the entire organization. It is only because of our exceptional and hardworking employees that organizations thrive. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this proficient organization of extraordinary individuals at PruTech Solutions who acknowledge and respect what goes into creating and maintaining a healthy and supportive working environment.”

PruTech Solutions is an IT services and solutions provider that focuses on providing a cooperative work environment. The organization vigorously encourages a culture of growth of its employees through continuous learning.

PruTech Solutions is a workplace that focuses on empowering its people and their well-being. The company provides great employee benefits, like medical insurance and gratuity benefits, and promotes work-life balance and is hiring actively.

Learn more about PruTech Solutions India at

PruTech Solutions is an industry-leading digital transformation organization that was founded in 1998. Apart from digital transformation, its umbrella of services includes cyber security, smart governance, cloud consulting solutions, and professional services. PruTech Solutions has 7 offices worldwide and an army of over 650 consultants spread across India, the United States, and Mexico.

With over 1000 successful projects, PruTech Solutions has empowered some of the most disruptive, agile businesses. As a technology expert and business partner, you can rely on, the organization delivers unprecedented digital transformation, cloud, and IT solutions.

Great Place to Work® Certification™ is essentially an “employer-of-choice” award that leading companies worldwide want to be recognized with. The recognition is based on what employees of an organization think about their workplace. The Great Place to Work® Certification™ by Great Place to Work® Institute is perceived as the global benchmark for identifying a good employee experience. Over 10,000 organizations in 60 countries have applied to achieve this Recognition by Great Place to Work® Institute.

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