Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals bags Prestigious Business Excellence Award 2021

New Delhi (India), December 17: Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., one of India’s largest Contract Drug Research and Manufacturing Organizations (CRAMS), has won the prestigious Business Excellence Award 2021 from CIMS Medica during India Pharma Expo as a Leader in pharma manufacturing and innovation.

The 10th edition of the annual award recognizes Akums Drugs’ contribution to the healthcare sector. It also acknowledges Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd for excellence in pharma manufacturing and innovation.

The company offers exclusive services in the field of commercial drug development from the point of formulation till its market launch. The organization has 13 advanced manufacturing units, which collectively are producing 12 per cent of the nation’s drug supply.

The organization offers a comprehensive range of services starting from formulation development to market launch all en suite.

Commenting on the award win, Mr. DC Jain said, “Platform like these recognises people and motivates them to do better while continuing to inspire others. We feel humbled and further motivated to serve our nation and take its name across the world..”

“In a span of 17 years, Akums has become a highly reputed contract manufacturing pharma company of India for its high-quality products and unique business acumen. Currently, Akums is manufacturing more than 12 per cent of India’s total medicinal requirement. Products manufactured by Akums are being preferred by the medical fraternity because of their trust in the efficacy, safety, and quality of formulations. We want to leapfrog and further establish our leadership position as India’s largest & most trusted Pharma CRAMS Company, while also contributing towards AtmaNirbhar Bharat and creating employment opportunities”, Said Arushi Jain – Executive Director – Corporate Growth.

Indian Pharma Expo: The best trade show for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Indian Pharma Expo (IPE) provides an opportunity for the participating companies to display their products & services to the gamut of visitors globally from the pharma and healthcare industries.

With Indian Pharma Expo, the benefits are bound to get augmented with the presence of eminent personalities from various sectors of pharma, non-pharma, and healthcare industries. It will gather representation from various companies like pharma manufacturers & marketers, packaging solution providers, machinery solution providers, franchise companies, and many more under one roof.

IPE is one stop juncture to all those who are planning to expand their business through various channels of franchise and distribution; as well as wholesalers and hospital purchase personnel who seek to buy bulk products at concessional rates.

Incorporated in 2004 by brothers Sanjeev and Sandeep Jain, Akums Drugs is one of the largest contract producers catering to domestic and multinational pharmaceutical companies, which together produce about 12% of all drugs consumed in India. The company’s clients include pharma companies such as Cipla, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark, Novartis, and Mylan.

Akums attributes its success to its 15,000+ employees. Akums has plant-wise R&D and F&D departments equipped with best in class technology and manpower. It has appointed well-experienced, qualified, and competent technical personnel in departments like Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production, Personnel & Administration, Engineering, Warehouse, and more. New products developed and offered by Akums are at par with global companies with 830 DCGI approvals, 535 FSSAI approvals, 4 patent grants, and 74 filed patents.

The company began with a single manufacturing unit and today owns ten state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are equipped to produce all modern dosage forms such as tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, powder in sachets, liquid syrups and suspensions, injections, eye/ear drops, ointments, creams, gels, lotions, ayurvedic and herbal preparations, nutraceutical and cosmetic preparations and many more.

Accolades for Akums

Akums has consistently strived towards achieving the highest standards of quality, at par with international benchmarks. Some of the awards presented to Akums for their excellent performance across diverse areas of work and production are:

* INDIA PHARMA LEADER AWARD by Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India, consecutively for 2 years.

* National Award for Excellence in Product Quality and Outstanding Entrepreneurship by Government of India.

* Best Emerging Companies Excellence Award and Best Corporate Governance Award by Business Today.

* India Pharma Award for Excellence in Contract Research – Formulation Development by UBM India consecutively for 3 years.

* The company’s growth and contribution to the pharmaceutical industry earned it a well-deserved position in the list of India’s Next Fortune 500 companies, with an overall sector ranking of 3.

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