Pragum: Enabling Businesses Get a Digital Facelift

The Bangalore-based startup offers cutting-edge business intelligence solutions, digital marketing, web development, app development, and other services to clients in an array of industries

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], December 17: Looking for cutting-edge intelligence solutions for your business? Or creating a user-friendly website? Bangalore-based Pragum, a fast-growing technology startup, is an expert in delivering these services and much more.

Pragum was founded in 2019 by Prashant Tank with the vision to help B2B companies achieve a digital makeover, Pragum’s offerings include state-of-the-art business intelligence solutions, creating user-friendly and custom-designed websites, and native and hybrid mobile apps to boost online presence.

The young company has been making waves, and in just two years, it has successfully delivered more than 30 projects for clients in a variety of niches, including e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, and construction.

Pragum’s exhaustive list of services also includes high-quality Web Designing & Development, Digital Marketing, Enterprises Solutions, E-commerce web & app development, Cloud & Cloud Services, and Business Analytics, among others.

“We started with the aim of helping B2B businesses enhance their digital services. Many businesses have plans to boost their digital presence, but hiring an in-house team of analysts, developers, and marketers is an expensive proposition and not feasible for a majority of businesses. We are bridging this gap by providing all these services and more at a fraction of the cost, ensuring a greater return on investment for clients,” said Mr. Tank, the founder of Pragum.

Pragum specialises in creating multi-devices that are flawless and supported by high-end technology solutions. Combined with its digital marketing services, the startup opens new doors to the ever-growing digital world for companies and helps them explore new markets.

With the help of digital marketing efforts, the startup’s team of developers, designers, marketers, content writers, copywriters, and analysts transforms clients’ business digitally and helps them generate and convert leads.

“We cater to companies operating in a multitude of industries, including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, and many more. We aim to have a presence across several companies, which will allow us to reach more businesses and help them grow their business with our unique offerings,” he said further.

Pragum’s notable clients include real estate players Gopalan Enterprises and, to whom the startup successfully provided digital marketing services.

It has provided web development & SEO services to renewable energy player Solar Hause, lead generation services to Gopalan Engineering College, web development and digital marketing services to healthcare provider Sanjeevini Homoeopathy, and cafe like Dear Bangalore Cafe, and web development services to Artitude Studio.

While Prashant Tank is the driving force behind Pragum, the young startup’s success is equally driven by a high-quality and experienced team.

It’s a common saying, but it is true in our case: Our team is what makes us successful. Pragum is a great place to work. Each employee is an amazing individual, but they all make Pragum so enjoyable and rewarding. Pragum is a talented, close-knit group that shares a common vision to deliver consistently outstanding results for clients. We also want the agency to be a challenging, fun, inclusive and rewarding place to work.

We are proud of the team that we have built. Although there are more than 10 of us now, it still feels like there were only a few of them. Pragum was founded on the belief that talented people can work together to make Pragum better for their clients. Pragum is not a “one-size fits all” agency. Pragum’s employees are all unique individuals united by five core values. These values apply to everything we do in the agency.

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