Cosmetico Labs introduce India’s first ‘Beauty Incubator’

New Delhi (India), December 20: Cosmetico Labs has launched India’s first ‘beauty incubator’ as well as specialised original brand manufacturer (OBM) services to incubate a new wave of consumer-first, innovation-led beauty brands.

Cosmetico Labs’ beauty incubator will primarily work with smaller, independent beauty founders in colour cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fragrances, as well as incubate and grow larger, international brands.

Personal care brand takeovers are expected in India’s commerce sector in 2022, according to industry analysts. Whether it’s an Indie, luxury, or mass brand, there’s always room for expansion in the beauty industry. This expansion is highly detrimental to a targeted consumer’s ability to understand and empathize with the brand’s value and purpose.

While consumers began to adopt a more intuitive approach to product usage based on their needs, brands are now prioritising quality over quantity.

In this scenario, Beauty Incubators are transforming and reinventing brands. Incubators are defined as entities that help brands grow and add value. Incubation programmes seek to bring new, creator/celebrity-driven, digitally native brands to differentiate and market in a way that is appealing to the beauty audience.

As purpose-driven beauty brands have become the norm, so have companies that plan to build them. Cosmetico labs, a bespoke cosmetic laboratory and beauty incubator that aims to ideate, curate, and inspire product visions, is a new entrant in this space.

Cosmetico Labs provides turnkey, a la carte, and 360-degree services in all personal care categories, from conception to commercialization, with innovation as a top priority. Furthermore, they curate a diverse range of personal care products. To achieve their vision of creating high-quality products, they incorporate creativity and passion into every stage of the development process.

Speaking about their plans, Cosmetico Labs’ head of development stated, “We have been overwhelmed by the response for OBM that fills in the gap of innovation that is much needed for Indian brands.” Quality is now driving brands, and they are attempting to understand what customers want. We aim to incubate and accelerate brands that inspire individuals and communities through their product visions, with similar goals.”

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