The Fresh Talent – Mohammed Nayeem

December 20: The acting profession is becoming versatile and approachable with each upcoming day. Initially acting as a career that was meant for only people in big towns and cities. However, opportunities nowadays have become very vast, and people belonging from different parts are now aspiring to get into an acting career. Mohammed Nayeem is one of the most talked-about actors in today’s generation. He has a versatile flair in acting and has done multiple good roles on screen. He was a small-town boy who aspired to be an actor someday. He hailed from Mangalore, Karnataka.

Several people get fame for their noticeable roles in some serials. Kumkum Bhagya and Woh Apna Sa was some of the major serials where Mohammed Nayeem got fame. The serial was aired on Zee tv and got all the love and appreciation from the audience. He worked in another serial which was aired on & tv. The name of the serial was Siddhivinayak. While working in Siddhivinayak, the actor got a chance to work on a Tulu film. It was a very new opportunity. The path to reach your dream career and do well in the career is never easy. As we say, “ Life is not a bed of roses “, The acting career was also not easy for Mohammed Nayeem. It had a lot of struggles and challenges. Later on, in his career, he got many opportunities. The actor had to go through several practices and had to rehearse and practice on his own to make the scenes perfect. Stage shows are also an important part of the actor’s career and get a lot of stage shows. Not only that, his stage shows were loved and admired by a huge number of audiences. Mohammed Nayeem is a hardworking individual, and his hard work and creativity have made him what he is today.

“ YerehAvye Kiri Kiri “ is a famous line from the film “ Yekka Saka “and, even after a long period, this is still relatable to the audience. Some lines have a different fanbase, and the essence of it remains intact after years. People still enjoy and get into fits of laughter with this line. This line has itself made a huge fanbase in the Tulu Cinema. Inspired by this trend, the upcoming movie in which Mohammed Nayeem is acting is named “ Yereg Avye Kiri Kiri. It is also said that while deciding the movie, there were more than ten titles in mind. But finally, this title was finalized. The film stars Naveen D Padil, Aravind Bolar, Shraddha Salian, and Aishwarya Hegde, among others — involves the leading men, who are petty thieves, get framed in a mega robbery case. “And their struggles are portrayed in the most comic manner which will make the audience sympathize with them and laugh at the same time”.  The film is directed by Bollywood action choreographer Ram Shetty, and the music is composed by V Manohar. The works of Ram Shetty are also loved by the audience; thus, everyone is looking forward to this film. It’s shot in Kudla, Brahma Vara, and Udupi.

Mohammed Nayeem is one of the fresh talents who is extremely loved by the audience and is doing very well in their career. Yeregawuye Kirikiri is a film that would be very relatable to the audience as it points out the day-to-day life struggles that people face. This would be a refreshing film as it would also entertain the audience. Mohammed Nayeem being someone who has aced his roles and did them with complete hard work and dedication, is acting in this movie. This film is one of the most awaited films, and everybody is eagerly waiting for the release.

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