Paawak Foods revolutionizing the jaggery market with its new and unique products, Small cubes Jaggery and with P technology

January 11: Sugar consumption has been a major source of concern for all of us, as it contributes to a variety of health issues. Maharashtra-based Paawak Foods has created a distinct brand of jaggery products that are both healthier and more delicious than sugar.

Paawak Foods is perhaps the fastest-growing company that aims to bolster its natural jaggery brand. The company is revolutionizing the jaggery market with the help of innovative small jaggery cube products and with their proprietary Paawak (P) technology, which it uses to make its innovative and convenient products.

Sweet dangers of sugar vs Jaggery’s health benefits

When it comes to health, sugar has a mixed reputation. Sugar is found naturally in all carbohydrates-containing foods, and it’s OK to consume them. However, processed sugar is detrimental to your health and fitness. Jaggery, which is India’s natural sweetener made from sugarcane, is healthier than sugar and adds a better flavor to your sweet dishes. In fact, Ayurvedic practitioners regard jaggery as healthy sugar due to its multiple benefits. The delicious risks of sugar would make you look for a healthy substitute, and Paawak Foods’ jaggery products are a natural alternative.

How Paawak Foods was born

Paawak Foods was co-founded in 2014 by Kaushal Dongre, of Maharashtra. Jaggery has traditionally been thought of as a commodity product. Hence, Kaushal realized after meeting his mentor Dr Prabodh Halde that it was critical to innovate and create unique products to build a brand in jaggery.

Before 2014, jaggery as a food product was sold in an open package in lumps without any proper packaging. Since it was sold loosely, the chances of it being adulterated were high and were prone to dust and fungus. The major concern for Kaushal remained when he found out jaggery was chemically infused.

After conducting a detailed consumer survey as advised by his mentor, Kaushal realized the inconvenient size of a jaggery block and unhygienic packing were major reasons why consumers were hesitant to utilize jaggery as their preferred natural sweetener daily. To address these concerns, Paawak Foods produced jaggery powder and, for the first time in the country, introduced innovative small jaggery cubes, which are more convenient to use than a block of jaggery and healthier than sugar. Paawak tried to resolve major three pain areas of consumers concerning Jaggery and gave unique solutions in its own way. This Paawak used its visionary approach to introduce chemical-free jaggery with proper packaging, addressing all consumer concerns, making it a consumer-first brand for Jaggery.

Connect with academia and Research Institute: For Faster innovation

From the inception, the Paawak team came in contact with AFST team – Food scientists team, NIFTEM, CFTRI, IIFT Tanjaur, IIT Bombay and ICT team and connected many scientists Viz h Dr Uday Annapure, Mr M.M Chitale, Dr Nilesh Amritkar, Mr Umesh Kamble, Mr Nilesh Lele, Mr Sanjay Indani, Dr S. Jathar and Ms Subha Prada gave technical inputs to overcome hurdles. The founder understood the importance of science in business and true innovation. Their first patent was applied for small cube jaggery in the year 2014, which was the birth year of Paawak. Today he has a total 2 patents published and one design application.

Empowering farmers for strengthening rural economy 

A primary aim behind Paawak Foods’s establishment was to empower farmers. Paawak believes in making India self-dependent and seeks to support farmers’ income.

Over the last 7 years, Paawak Foods has transformed the lives of farmers by providing them with good prices of their products and also made a big impact on the lives of 150 small manufacturers of the Karad and Kolhapur region by providing them with their innovative P technology along with the required training.

Consumer first 

Traditional Jaggery comes with lots of problems for the consumer on account of purity, handling, harmful chemicals and unhygienic packing, Paawak has innovated consumer-friendly products to offer Natural, Consumer-Friendly, Hygienically packed, Chemical free and kitchen friendly products based on consumer insights. Paawak has launched all products based on scientific consumer insights study. In fact, small cubes jaggery is based on consumer insights and preferences conducted by Paawak with 100 consumers to understand difficulties in eating existing Jaggery.

Maintaining proper Supply Chain

Paawak created a perfect distribution solution for product distributors and retailers to provide fresh jaggery to consumers. With proprietary P technology, Paawak supplies fresh jaggery to their distributors so that no product stocking is done in advance, giving the distributor the advantage to control their stock and supply requirement. This supply of fresh jaggery is maintained consistently even during non-seasonal months post-march.

Paawak Products

Jaggery Cubes: Paawak Foods is the first in the country to provide jaggery in an innovative cube form that is hygienically packed in PET jars. The product is created and manufactured with a high level of hygiene to ensure that clients always receive a high-quality product that is free of adulteration, contaminants, and hazardous chemicals.

Jaggery Powder: Paawak Foods produces this natural product from organically produced sugarcane using specific HomaAgnihotra therapy. Customers at Paawak Foods have a particular fondness for this powder. The company promotes Jaggery Powder as a healthy alternative to refined sugar for daily use.

What is Paawak (P) technology?

Jaggery is a seasonal product with a limited shelf life; hence finding fresh jaggery during the offseason is a challenge. Through P technology, Paawak Foods has devised a unique solution to this problem. This includes the use of advanced food processing techniques without using any chemicals.

Paawak Foods is seeking final approval for the patent of the P technology, which uses technology to provide consistent supply and quality to customers all year. The company has also used this innovation to create its jaggery cubes and powder that have eliminated the limited shelf life problem of jaggery.

Paawak Foods’ USP

Paawak Foods says that anyone looking for a healthful natural sweetener is its ideal customer. Hence one of the many USPs of Paawak is that its products are created with only natural materials and meet all GMP requirements. Paawak’s semi-automated plant employs a filtration procedure to ensure that no impurities enter its jaggery cubes.

Paawak Foods continues to witness remarkable growth

Paawak Foods is already present in quality General trade retail outlets in Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Pune, and Hubli. In the Mumbai region, the manufacturer of premium quality jaggery goods also has an online presence on major e-commerce like Bigbasket, Amazon and Jiomart.

Paawak Foods has never looked back since it was founded. Paawak’s has grown over approximately 5400 per cent from the time of inception and continues to grow strongly with their year on year projections.

With this growth came dozens of brands in the space of branded jaggery, but Paawak stood as the market leader, being ahead of time and with their scientifically-backed approach.

The CEO of Paawak Foods, Kaushal Dongre believes in Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat campaigns, and he wishes to contribute to the development of the country and its citizens. Paawak Foods aims to become a multinational brand, and it seems to happen soon in the future as the firm not only has the first-mover advantage but is also equipped with innovative P technology. website:

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