How three commerce graduates built 80 Cr logistics-tech company tackling India’s major E-commerce hurdles

February 3: The eCommerce business industry has proven its pivotal role in the Indian economy in the past few years. As a result, a number of business owners are considering this to be the perfect time to begin their eCommerce businesses due to its endless profit-making opportunities. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal all have shown us the true potential of eCommerce in the country. However, eCommerce companies require end-to-end logistics support to offer customers a hassle-free shipping experience. BICREE is an AI-powered logistics partner that delivers complete shipment transparency to online sellers and business owners.

In 2020, Pranay Thakkar, Aniket Nagda, and Abhijeet Singh founded BICREE with an aim to build a tech-enabled logistics eco-system that can provide the most beneficial shipping services to eCommerce merchants. They seek to empower online merchants with ease of shipping, reduced RTOs, real-time NDR updates. BICREE brings India’s top courier partners on its platform so that the online merchants can pick the most appropriate shipping partner as per their shipment requirements.

At BICREE, Pranay, Aniket & Abhijeet handle all the aspects of business operations. Their foundation story goes back to the time when the three started their E-commerce brand for apparel four years back & realized that online merchants entrust their market reputation with third-party courier partners. They understood that despite knowing the in-and-out of their business, the online sellers do not have much control when it comes to the delivery of products. The sellers would be fortunate enough if they can track down a good courier partner for their shipping needs. Based on their learning, they came up with the idea of developing a tech-enabled logistics platform called ‘BICREE’ to address the shipping issues of sellers.

Along with other remarkable features and benefits like the low shipping rates, zero subscription cost, store integration, top courier options, serviceability to 27000+ pin codes, real-time NDR updates, reduced RTO, shipping calculator, BICREE has introduced an AI-powered fraud detection system that helps the sellers reduce fake orders and save money on RTOs.

Delayed COD settlement is a major issue that sellers have to face very often in their lifetime. Waiting for months for COD settlements not only disrupts the cash flow but also impacts the operational efficiency of the businesses. BICREE promises quick COD remittance which helps sellers to manage their cash flow optimally. The company is well-equipped to ensure quick deliveries minimizing the RTO. BICREE’s multiple courier option allows online merchants to deliver products in the fastest possible time with India’s leading national and local courier partners like Delhivery, Xpressbees, Udaan Xpress, Shadowfax, and others. It, in fact, reduces the RTO by up to 40%*.

With BICREE, merchants can create a free account and access the low shipping rates starting at 20/500gm* to help online sellers with cheaper and faster deliveries every time. By using its shipping rate calculator, online merchants can check each courier partner’s freight rate to make an informed decision for each shipment. And, with its quick plug-and-play integration feature, sellers can ship the orders directly from their online stores like Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and many more.

BICREE is now planning to introduce its PAN INDIA fulfilment Services, franchise network and many more as a part of their business expansion strategy. The PAN INDIA fulfilment services will assist online sellers in reducing their delivery timelines and shipping costs by up to 50%* by storing the inventory near to their customers. On the other hand, by becoming BICREE’s franchisee, small retail shop owners will be able to add another source of income to their existing revenue without investing.

BICREE is focused on becoming a full-stack eCommerce enabler following their expansion in segments like pre-purchase, post-purchase and warehousing. This will help the eCommerce players to go all-in with BICREE’s support and stay without any concern. Bicree aims at creating a network of the brands associated with them and building an ecosystem where they can lead to expansion towards P2P and make the brands help each other in all aspects.

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