Prof. Suvashish Mukhopadhyay pens down motivational novel ‘The Rise of the Setting Sun’

“Life is a game, you have to play with it. Life is full of struggles, you have to pass through them. Life is an exam, you have to be prepared for it, “ says Author Prof. Suvashish Mukhopadhyay

February 4: Previous year you might have come across multiple books that might have motivated you. To keep the same this year, authors have started working on the same. And, with the starting of the month here is the best-selling book, “The Rise of the Setting Sun” by Prof. Suvashish Mukhopadhyay. Through this novel, the author has tried to explain how a college learner has to go through various obstacles in this competitive world.

Under the publisher, The Spirit Mania, the book revolves around the protagonist Animesh who is a scholar student pursuing Civil Engineering. Frustrated with his wrong decision of choosing his career due to family pressure he faces a lot of struggles in his life. The author depicts his tears, labor, emotion, stress, and lastly joy as an obsessed Chemistry lover. His life changes when, he gets married at an early age to his girlfriend, Ashmita, who also had to struggle because of the stubborn nature of her husband.

Down the line, Animesh opted for PG in Hydraulics, though his choice was Environmental engineering. His fight with unhealthy sorrow and depression has been penned down beautifully in the book. But he didn’t compromise with his choice and ethics in all that reproving time of his life, though immaturity made him commit mistakes. One of his mistakes that have been reflected is when he got caught up with a misconception that money makes us happy, but logically it’s the profession one is interested in.

Through the character, the author explains that the key to happiness lies in two things, firstly it’s the desired profession and the second is our relationship with loved ones. The aim of the author is to stir the dormant talent which snoozes due to wrong guidance and absence of direction. The author has narrated the whole story through the eyes of Animesh and his never-ending struggles of life from every up and down and how he moved forward to rise like a shining star in the crowd of twinkling stars on dark night.

Elaborating on the book, Author Prof. Suvashish Mukhopadhyay said, “The protagonist,  Animesh’s whole life is depicted. When life hits you hard, you have to keep faith in yourself. You have to keep patience that one day all these Shadows of pain will disappear. But you have to wait for the right time. This story gives us lessons and how to live a life even in tough times. There are several chapters in this book, each and every chapter will teach us some lessons about life. Every page has different perspectives of life. I hope people will love this novel and connect with same and implement the positive side.”

The title ‘The Rise of the Setting Sun,’ depicts that book belongs to the self-help genre and it also tells that “Sun Never Sets”. Only the cycle of Setting in the West and rising in the east can be seen by different people sitting in different corners of the World.

The book portrays how an ordinary man standing in front of the rising sun after facing struggles in his life but happy after ending the long-term unending struggles of life and ready to welcome the victory in life. This novel will definitely transport you on an exhilarating life adventure that will have you engrossed until the very last page.

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